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𝐕, πˆπŽπ‹π„π“π€ online sex cams cute

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  1. So… A female orgasm is different than a male. Men, in general, and physical stimulus and visual stimulus driven. A porn site and 30 seconds with Ma Thumb and her 4 daughters, orgasm achieved. Very basic, grunting caveman stuff. Women tend to have orgasms two ways – first one is the physical stimulus side of things. The ole' “rock the baby in the boat”, via vibrator, showerhead, fingers, whatever. This is much like a man's orgasm – basic, physical, but with one small caveat to be explained shortly. Second is mental stimulus. Women can, and always/often do, orgasm from a place of mental satisfaction, versus physical. Now, men can do this, but it's much rarer for men than it is for women. Here's the foundation of both female orgasms types – security. Women have a difficult time orgasming unless they feel safe, secure, wanted, loved, unjudged. While security is an element of the female physical stimulus orgasm, security is essential for the female mental orgasm. You have to think about the link between orgasm and social standing to start getting the idea of why this is. Sex leads to pregnancy. Pregnancy can lead to social ostracizing. Men don't have this direct worry – for all of humanity's history, men fucked women with little to no risk. Until DNA became a thing, no way to prove who's baby it was – on daddy's side. Women, however, had to face potentially severe sanctions for “unapproved” pregnancy. So, can you imagine how difficult it is for a woman to orgasm when all that head traffic is going on? She's with a new partner, she's already dealing with the other social pressures that are hammered on to women – Am I pretty enough? Are my boobs big enough? Does he care my pubic hair is a bit bushy? 1900 other things going on in her mind, in addition to the underlying social restrictions – Will I get a reputation as a slut? Does he care about body count? On and on, a million things locking down her mind. So, men, if you want to give your lady a mind-blowing orgasm, it's really quite simple. You need to make sure she feels safe, loved, and secure. She needs to know that if she farts, it's ok. That you love her boobs just like they are, that she's dead sexy even (or especially) when she's sweaty, that you don't care about her previous lovers, whatever. She needs to be free of judgement. Women will testify to this. The ones who have extraordinary sex lives, also tend to be the ones who have gotten passed all the social bullshit. They tend not to give a shit about what others think, for some variety of reasons – they are married or are in a stable relationship, they were never taught all of the damaging stuff mentioned before, they come from cultures that don't have taboo around sex, etc. For the ladies, if you want to experience these extraordinary orgasms, you have to let go. You have to love yourself, not judge yourself, find acceptance. There is so much bullshit that you women have to deal with, I honestly don't know how you handle it. But, all of that said, I envy women when it comes to sex. I'm one of those grunting men. Sex is one of those things where it's a few minutes of feeling good, boom, and it's done. Women have to deal with periods and childbirth when it comes to their sexuality, but it was made up for by the multiple orgasm. I absolutely love it when my wife hits a run of quivering, earth-moving, mind blowing orgasms. She so deserves that pleasure. I love watching her become so relaxed, refreshed, satisfied. And one other little bit of info, to “prove my point”: One of my favorite flavors of sex is the pure mental orgasm. I cuddle up next to her, holding her close. Then, without her or I moving, I start whispering in her ear. I start by telling her how very lucky I am. That she's the kind of woman I dreamed of as a kid. That she's an amazing mother, wife, sister, friend. I tell her how much I appreciate her, how sexy she is. How much I desire her, how much she turns me on. I tell her, in very graphic and fine detail, all the different ways I love to fuck her and how she fucks me. Usually, she's quivering with mini-orgasms by the time we get to “how sexy she is.” The orgasms just build from there, until she can't stand it anymore and begs me to fuck her in some way I have been describing to her. Point being: she knows she's loved, and safe, and desired, and accepted. That's the foundation of a female orgasm. The physical stimulus is a catalyst, but it can't be the core. And that's where the disconnect happens for men. Our orgasms are physically based, so it's hard to understand “foreplay” or “cuddling”. We can get to the boom easy – just need to pump that cock in and out for a few minutes, and it's as good as it gets for us. Yea, the intimacy of all that other stuff can be nice. We like it, too. But it's a separate process from orgasm. And, unless a guy takes the time to learn and understand, there's no way to know. It's not in our realm of experience. TL;DR: Men orgasm physically, women orgasm mentally.

  2. Honestly it would be break up worthy if my girlfriend divulged our sex life to her friends. That's how much I value privacy.

  3. Sure, there's a specific reason. There's something seemingly unpleasant and humiliating about taking your own dirty panties and shoving them into your mouth. And so the fact that he can order you to do it makes him feel very dominant and powerful, which turns him on immensely.

  4. I've run into this situation in the past with 2 separate partners. For the first one more foreplay/warm up of varying kinds, and lube eventually did the trick. ( being in a committed relationship and on birth control so we could do away with condoms also helped). The other women I was with had more difficulty, much like the two of you are describing. What we discovered helped was a few things. First I would edge alot more often through out the day/week to shorten my stamina so that I could cum more inline with what her max was. Then we bought her several toys. These toys started out small and then went up to slightly larger than myself. Eventually getting up to the largest of those toys for her and then having her play with it frequently. This helped keep her a little more stretched and used to a larger size. The combo of the two seemed to make our time max line up well and were both then able to climax every time. For the oral on him there are some great videos out there demonstrating ways a woman only has to have not much more then the tip go in and out of her mouth, then combining it with some unique and agressive hand/hands movement and tequnique (pressure sensitive areas), can cause your man to get awfully close to cumming rather quickly… without wearing out your jaw.

  5. I was also from a religious family and still haven't touched myself to this day even tho I'm not religious anymore. It really fucks with you. I want to learn to have an orgasm so bad but I just can't I have such a bad mental Block. I do know it takes practice and time. Don't feel discouraged. We will get there. Also, don't feel ashamed, that's what human bodies are made to do.

  6. Without getting too specific, my first sex dream involved anal. Chicken or egg, I don't know, but I feel like the die was cast for me at that point, it was something that I was going to be into, taboo or not. Luckily I found a girl who was willing to try if it made me happy, and now she's the one asking for it more often than not because it feels so good for her.

  7. I've been having sex for 10 years without once getting pregnant (using the pill or IUD). But you have to know that pregnancy could happen and you should have a plan in place.

  8. Only ur gf can tell if she will like it or not, i do recommend giving a head up when u abt to cum. Let her decide if u will cum in her mouth. I have had people cum in my mouth without giving heads up and its horrible πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ½ all women are different. I personally dont mind swallowing/spitting but some of my friends find it disgusting to the point that some of them gagged and had to run to the bathroom πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«

  9. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, Germany, found that higher porn use correlated with less brain activation in response to conventional pornographic imagery. (https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamapsychiatry/fullarticle/1874574) This explains why users tend to graduate to more extreme and unconventional forms of porn. Pornhub analytics reveal that conventional sex is decreasingly interesting to users and is being replaced by themes like incest and violence. The perpetuation of sexual violence online is particularly troubling, as rates of real-life incidences may escalate as a result. (https://academic.oup.com/joc/article-abstract/66/1/183/4082427?redirectedFrom=fulltext) Some scientists attribute this relationship to the action of mirror neurons. These brain cells are aptly named because they fire when the individual performs an action but also while observing the same action performed by someone else. The regions of the brain that are active when someone is viewing porn are the same regions of the brain that are active while the person is actually having sex. Marco Iacoboni, a professor of psychiatry at University of California Los Angeles, speculates that these systems have the potential to spread violent behavior: β€œthe mirror mechanism in the brain also suggests that we are automatically influenced by what we perceive, thus proposing a plausible neurobiological mechanism for contagion of violent behavior.” (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK207238/)

  10. The problem is maturity of 45yo grown man who started romantic relationship with 19yo woman. And now he is struggling to understand basic thing and behaves like a kid. Are you sure you want to spend your best years with someone like this? He is twice older as you, he will struggle with ED soon but you will be in your gold age. What will be then? Don’t waste your life.

  11. I'm confused on how he got it in and just continued on to cumming… I've had it hit there on accident before and them trying to slip it in and it's am immediate no for me if it's not what I want at the time. Accident or not, it usually dont just go in like pussy, gotta work up to it, for me at least and if he just shoved it in, that shit hurts. I'm not sure how anyone would continue when it hurt. Be vocal for sure. I would never speak to him again personally because he didnt ask, and didnt assess the situation, he hurt you and failed to realize it. Boy bye.

  12. Yes, it is okay. If you are feeling bad, talk to your partner. If they watch porn as well, maybe yall can try some mutual porn watching some time. My wife and I watch porn. Sometimes she'll just hand me my phone and tell me to “watch something” which is basically code for “put some porn on and get hard so I can sick your dick.” Good times.

  13. We guys like our women in a full package. If we like you, we won't care what color your vag is. During lovemaking, our hormone filled brains and pheromone intoxicated senses will see you and your vagina as the most wondrous and magical flowers ever to grace this earth. We do care about smells. That interferes with pheromone signals. If it stinks of rotten organic matter, we're not likely to stick around. So clean it well. Also clean the ass. A clean ass and vag and the sweet scent of woman is all we need. No colors in the playbook.

  14. Dont? Go out into any alley, pick a dumpster, call it your new boyfriend. Congrats on the upgrade. You cant be so afraid of difficulty that you live in hell, its no way to be.

  15. Have you any reason to think the person you slept with has HIV? As if not the chances of you getting it are miniscule. I freaked after a one night stand years ago and went to the doc, after some questioning they didn't even test for it and pretty much told me to pull myself together haha.


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