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๐‘น, ๐‘ฌ๐‘ฎ๐‘ฐ๐‘ต๐‘จ ๐‘ฉ๐‘จ๐‘ต๐‘บ ๐Ÿ”ฅ girl sex cams fetish

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MAKE MY PUSSY RAIN LIKE A SHOWER TAP||At goal #fingering [Multi Goal]

45 thoughts on “๐‘น, ๐‘ฌ๐‘ฎ๐‘ฐ๐‘ต๐‘จ ๐‘ฉ๐‘จ๐‘ต๐‘บ ๐Ÿ”ฅ girl sex cams fetish

  1. Your girlfriend needs to grow the fuck up. If you go off-roading, you need to expect a little mud on your tires. It's okay to be grossed out, but to tell you that you personally are fucking disgusting for having poop in your rectum (where poop is formed!) is ridiculous. What did she think would be up there? Glitter? Use condoms on your toys in the future for easier clean up.

  2. I mean, I'm a girl and I don't share too much with my friends, my bf is shy and I don't want to cross any boundaries

  3. There's nothing wrong with, on some level, enjoying what happened to you. Just because it was inappropriate and exploitative doesn't mean you need carry trauma over it. The trust issue will be harder, I deal with it myself after emotional abuse I suffered.

  4. Get a couples therapist. Donโ€™t take Reddit therapy – you need someone to guide you through your particular issues and the root of them.

  5. Genitals in general arenโ€™t that attractive. For many people itโ€™s the overall attraction to a person that makes that personโ€™s genitals seem attractive.

  6. Talk to your partner, talk to a therapist. Someone else suggested working up to it slowly, that's good advice. Have your boyfriend maybe start kissing your belly, inner thighs etc, find out how close he gets to your pussy before you start getting anxious. Work from there.

  7. Luckily my wife cums from PIV, but sheโ€™s in the minority. She has a separate way of cumming from PIV, which is cumming from the feeling of me cumming inside her. When I creampie her as deep as I can it sets her off 100% of the time. You might try that if you havenโ€™t already. Of course she also gets off from clit stimulation during PIV. Try that as well if you havenโ€™t already. Enjoy the exploration!

  8. To put it in perspective; Iโ€™m not horny when I masturbate. I just know the result will make me fall asleep faster. Pop 20mg melatonin + orgasm with 2min vibrator stimulation = sleep within 20 min. Itโ€™s great! But has nothing to do with sex and being horny

  9. A few of my exes were this way about using toys in general. Didnโ€™t bother me. Some men are ok with it and some arenโ€™t. Iโ€™ve never used a dildo because in my mind itโ€™s too similar to a manโ€™s part. I donโ€™t want anything to replace that or come close. Iโ€™m fine with small devices though. Would you be willing to compromise with your boyfriend and use a small device instead?

  10. Itโ€™s literally not consensual so itโ€™s literally rape. Your husband wants to watch you get raped. Not he wants to watch a pretend rape, he wants to watch an actual one. This isnโ€™t okay if you havenโ€™t figured that out by now. I donโ€™t care what he didnโ€™t really like doing, unless it was people beating him up and raping him while you watched, itโ€™s not equal, itโ€™s not karma, he shouldnโ€™t even be trying to pressure you into what is basically a crime. Holy hell. The word that isnโ€™t here in consensual, itโ€™s forced. Things have went to far. You need to reel it back in. I donโ€™t know how it got here but my guess is you both have been doing some boundary pushing to make you feel guilt for not being okay with this.

  11. Look at some Japanese blow job porn they focus a lot on tricks and techniques. Near the end rhythm is the thing, don't change at that point. I'll repost something in a minute that got me over 500 upvotes on the whatv to do with the orgasm bit. Not good at position names but are you straddling knees down? Try sitting on him feet down. This allows you to change your knee position a lot as well.

  12. I don't squirt, but I can gush. Clear liquid, halfway between water and saliva in texture, smells kinda sweetish. No hint of pee.

  13. I think heโ€™s been working a lot and he was sleepy right before , itโ€™s just difficult because I tried to talk to him in a gentle way about it and he just doesnโ€™t want to talk. It upsets me and makes me mad cause itโ€™s almost been 3 years since weโ€™ve been together and i feel like I need to use a crowbar to pry his true feelings out. He never expressed much

  14. We're going to get the pill to be safe. In our area we have 3 options. Plan b for 50 at Walgreens, another brand at CVS for 30, and my choice at Walmart for 10 dollars. They all work the same right? Or should I pay 50?

  15. Your last sentenceโ€ฆ..If I feel that, do I need to use my pelvic muscles the same I would when actually urinating, in order to make sure the orgasm or squirt comes out?

  16. Once in a while this happens with my wife and me. Usually in doggy. We have a good laugh about it and keep going.

  17. Love to see that you have been so vidualent at finding your answer, reading books and going to therapy. I also am not able to orgasm with PIV only and I can only sometimes climax with a about 10-15 min. of oral so thats not something we do all the time. Now I don't even attempt to climax with my hands because its just so much unnessasery work since I have my toys so I just have a bullet vibrator by my side at all times haha. When talking to other women I see that this is very common so it is very normal. I think porn and movies have made us belive that the female orgasm is just constant, easily achived and simple. It is not. Maybe for some women but for alot of us it's not. That's how I got over it. With the truth. From what you have said you seem to be having great sex and have a great partner and great communication so it's already way more than most of the people out there are used to, vaginal climax or not. You are winning

  18. Iโ€™m not even American. Iโ€™m from Canada where abortion is very much accessible if needed. Iโ€™m not planning to use abortion as emergency contraception, idk why that is the assumption ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ. So you canโ€™t prepare for emergency situations without seeming like youโ€™re planning to be in an emergency situation? Youโ€™re telling me no one else plans about what happens if they get pregnant with sexual partner? Cuz thatโ€™s what Iโ€™m talking about. Half the ppl here acting like thatโ€™s a crazy thing to do. If you feel better using contraception, USE IT!! If it works for u go ahead and do what u want with ur life. U donโ€™t even know me, how are u gonna tell me Iโ€™m stupid and irresponsible for not being on birth control. U know my body better than I do? U know exactly how Iโ€™ll react to those changes and that itโ€™ll all be fine since so many women use them โ€œwithout complaintโ€ right? U know my medical history right?

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  20. What do you mean, she can't make you? Sounds like she has done everything she can but ultimately it's a problem with you. Either you have a medical issue or you just aren't turned on enough by her.

  21. Maybe they are on the blue pill. Anyways, part of the key is that, if you find the woman very stimulating, its gonna be difficult to hold on. With other women you might go on hammering for hours, with others its… different. The more sex you have with a particular woman, and initial excitement rubs off, the easier it will be. Also yes, pde5 inhibitors help a ton

  22. :thinking_face_hmm: interesting, being diminutive internally the whole sex thing just makes me nervous…

  23. Weaponizing sex is a sure way to divorce. Try counseling – so each of you can have your needs met without either BTA. As of now, seems like YTA. But he is no price either. Learn to communicate better so your kids can have two loving parents.


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