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  1. Ok clearly no one can be rational here. Look at the sidebar, what is the very first rule of this subreddit? 1) ENGAGE CONSTRUCTIVELY AT ALL TIMES. This means ensuring that ALL of your contributions here are constructive, on-topic, mature, sex-positive, civil and respectful. Disrespectful conduct will see you banned from the community on the spot. Hitting on other people, asking for pictures (joking or not), making any sort of sexist comment or insult, body shaming, or trolling of any sort will result in your immediate ban. Is “‘I moisturize’ 🤣” constructive? Does it answer any questions the OP asked? It is the top response to OP's question right now despite being at best entirely off topic. People now come into this post, see that at the very top go “Haha” like that child from the simpsons and mindlessly upvote and then leave without any productive discussion taking place.

  2. Guy here. I could be very wrong, but to me it sounds like you set the emotional bar very low for yourself (as a protective mechanism) because as you put it, you “didn’t win the genetic lottery”. The feelings you’re having are completely legit and normal, as it hurts when someone doesn’t return the same affection/attraction you feel for them. Call me old fashioned but to me, him sleeping with you is purely out of his own self interest. There’s nothing actually wrong with that I suppose, if both parties are completely okay with it, but it sounds like you’re not completely okay with it. And I don’t blame you if you’re not. You deserve better, even if you don’t believe that. You’re sharing something very intimate and of course you want to feel that deep connection and shared attraction. At least that’s how I feel and always have felt about my partners. I’ve been in your shoes and it actually hurt me pretty deeply and I had to move on to find someone more on my level. I don’t really have any advice, this is just what I get from your op.

  3. He sounds pretty submissive 🤔 does he get tired from being on top? The thing is, if you want to train him, you have to accept that you won't be satisfied each time. You will have to let him try and keep making him do it, slowly guide him to where you want him. It's possible to fix it, it just will take a little ekstra time

  4. I had the same issue, and it started about 6 months after I had a hormonal IUD put in. It came on very gradually, and orgasms started getting less and less pleasurable until it eventually disappeared entirely. I was like you – I could feel the muscle spasms and the relaxation afterward and everything else that ought to be there, but the pleasure was gone. I had the thing taken out about 6 weeks ago (after being in for 2 years) and I'm starting to notice some sensation slowly coming back. It might be worth talking to your doctor to see if it might be related to your birth control.

  5. Could be a yeast/fungal infection/imbalance that turns her natural lube into a waterish liquid. It looks wet but isn’t “glossy”. Check with her gynecologist. Also, avoid water based lube due to the vast majority having a huge osmotic potential imbalance with the body that actually promotes irritation and STI transmission – it has been known for over 10 years and you can google “WHO osmotic lube” for more information. Try using good silicone based lubes like Exxtreme Glide Silicone, Pjur Backdoor, Uberlube…

  6. If she's going to start her period in 4 days and you're not worried about STDs then you should be good to go raw.

  7. Not an issue with my wife. When I'm stretched out and we are torso to torso, kissing is difficult. I'm usually more arched (like a cat?) so I thrust more with my hips than a full body motion which enables us to kiss. Thinking – her on her back, me upright my knees, inside her. I can easily lean over and kiss her. Hoe this makes sense.

  8. Your wife comes off as pretty selfish. Maybe that's not the case, but the way the post is written suggests she isn't into exploring your desires. Maybe try couples therapy. If she isn't up for it then you need to decide for yourself if the relationship as a whole is good enough to offset what you clearly believe is an unfulfilling sex life. See how I left your ex out of it? Now you do the same.

  9. I can't speak for u/anyon1, but for me if there's no emotional connection even the best blowjob can be underwhelming, may even leave one feeling manipulated (rightly). If there is an emotional connection, even a pretty meh blowjob can be a lovely thing. I'll admit “emotional connection” is a pretty elastic term, and in the past I've stretched it to include people I wasn't all that involved with emotionally. But it's a lot better when there's something there, and after a certain number of blowjobs I've raised the bar a bit.

  10. You come to reddit to try and seek advice for a possible medical issue 20minutes after. He might of accidentally cut you internally with rough fingers. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. I mean… You just caress her and expect her to push to the bedroom? When was your last date? When was last time you hugged her without the intention of having sex? I don't know about other women but that's not how I work personally. I already said this yesterday but to me foreplay starts outside of the bedroom and before any physical touch. How is your relationship outside of the bedroom? (Now your wife is probably feeling like you just want sex and will do anything for it and only the thought of that will put her off so I suggest you try to cuddle first.)

  12. pretty ignorant reponse tbh, but that's expected from someone who's trying to downplay a potentially racist/demeaning situation.

  13. I have random guys flirting with me..I just take them as compliments, say thank you but never touch. I know where I stand & I know my boundaries and they do too.

  14. It would be fake though. Would that still get you off, knowing it's completely fake? It is weird. It's not a natural expression people make. Very fetishized stuff and she might be into it, but she might not. You'd just have to ask!

  15. When I was in the military, I heard a story about a woman who had taken a condom, and punctured it several times with a needle to make a pregnancy possible, even though using the condom as a contraceptive.

  16. The real question is whether you are okay with it? Guys generally don't want to do anything in the housee…. Ru comfortable with this things… He is not pushing you for anything…

  17. People nowadays are so fucking sensitive. Is the guy in the wrong. 100%. Is it something that can't be overlooked and we need to dwell on it as though what he did was some sort of animalistic chauvinistic characteristic? No. He immediately showed remorse, apologized and consoled the woman he cares for. Again, it's not okay that he did this but his reaction 100% needs to be taken into consideration in looking at the entirety of this event. Slapping is a widely accepted kink and he quickly realized that his partner wasn't into it and apologized for his actions. If this were the second time it happened after already being told no, then yes, let's crucify him but otherwise, fucking get over yourself and your righteous bullshit, seriously.

  18. Go get tested for extra precaution. Talk to her, cum fetish is not shared by everyone. She's the one where it will get messy down there. For example, some women get more UTI or yeast infection by that, so dont forget extra hygiene aftersex, like ask to continue in the shower (ask her if she uses special soap) or bring wet wipes. It's a good start. Have fun !