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  1. What are you doing between the end of sex and leaving for the night? If you're not already, you'll want to start reserving some time for aftercare. Cuddling, talking about the sex, telling her you care about her / she did good / etc. You could try giving her something like a soft blanket that she can wrap around herself for her own aftercare the next morning. And yes, positive text messages the next day is a good idea.

  2. That is how it works, after ejaculation sperm can still sit inside the dick, urine is very bad for sperm, that's why guys have pre cum, it lines the inside of the dick to push out any left over pee and to allow the semen a safer passage way. So yes cumming and then instantly going to have sex will release the left over semen into the girl, I never said the pull out method was good, I actually said to use a condom. Was just saying that peeing helps “kill the sperm off” in a way. Just better to do that than nothing at all

  3. If the only reason you aren't trying it is because it feels gay, it's worth trying. Everybody is a little different. I only tried doing it with my partner once, and rather just do it on my own time. It's not terrible, but its not really the best thing I have ever experienced either.

  4. “Refractory period” is something almost all guys have, a period where after you finish, you can't just get hard again very easily. Sometimes that lasts minutes, sometimes that lasts hours. Some guys finish and don't want sex for 2 or 3 days. It varies. You are a normal guy. That is not erectile dysfunction at all.

  5. Yes, I do help around the house, and I'm not cuddler, but she is, and i stop the sex because it was about when i wanted it

  6. Yes and lubrication fluid can change in color throughout your cycle .. Just because yeast infections are white (I’m well aware lol) does not mean every instance of white discharge/lubrication is a yeast infection which is what I was pointing out. Your assertion that “if it is in fact white, she needs meds” is not necessarily accurate.

  7. How physically attracted are you to thin and petite? Just at a pure lust, “I want to fuck her” level. If it’s less than the curvier women, that can definitely be a factor. I’m very curvy and I’ve had multiple guys report higher sex drive, insane erections, quicker orgasms, and so on.

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  9. Have as much Seggs as you can with him and see if you can be a lil submissive when doing the deed. see if that changes anything?

  10. It all depends. I like mine being sucked on but it's just a nice feeling not amazing or anything. Just don't flick them


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