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  1. What are you doing between the end of sex and leaving for the night? If you're not already, you'll want to start reserving some time for aftercare. Cuddling, talking about the sex, telling her you care about her / she did good / etc. You could try giving her something like a soft blanket that she can wrap around herself for her own aftercare the next morning. And yes, positive text messages the next day is a good idea.

  2. That is how it works, after ejaculation sperm can still sit inside the dick, urine is very bad for sperm, that's why guys have pre cum, it lines the inside of the dick to push out any left over pee and to allow the semen a safer passage way. So yes cumming and then instantly going to have sex will release the left over semen into the girl, I never said the pull out method was good, I actually said to use a condom. Was just saying that peeing helps “kill the sperm off” in a way. Just better to do that than nothing at all

  3. If the only reason you aren't trying it is because it feels gay, it's worth trying. Everybody is a little different. I only tried doing it with my partner once, and rather just do it on my own time. It's not terrible, but its not really the best thing I have ever experienced either.

  4. “Refractory period” is something almost all guys have, a period where after you finish, you can't just get hard again very easily. Sometimes that lasts minutes, sometimes that lasts hours. Some guys finish and don't want sex for 2 or 3 days. It varies. You are a normal guy. That is not erectile dysfunction at all.

  5. Yes, I do help around the house, and I'm not cuddler, but she is, and i stop the sex because it was about when i wanted it

  6. Yes and lubrication fluid can change in color throughout your cycle .. Just because yeast infections are white (I’m well aware lol) does not mean every instance of white discharge/lubrication is a yeast infection which is what I was pointing out. Your assertion that “if it is in fact white, she needs meds” is not necessarily accurate.

  7. How physically attracted are you to thin and petite? Just at a pure lust, “I want to fuck her” level. If it’s less than the curvier women, that can definitely be a factor. I’m very curvy and I’ve had multiple guys report higher sex drive, insane erections, quicker orgasms, and so on.

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  9. Have as much Seggs as you can with him and see if you can be a lil submissive when doing the deed. see if that changes anything?

  10. It all depends. I like mine being sucked on but it's just a nice feeling not amazing or anything. Just don't flick them

  11. Also if it's flexible I would worry too much, anything solid could be much more dangerous so be careful and feeling shame is better than feeling pain so do not ignore your option to go to the ER!

  12. Agreed. Recovery from heavy consumption over an extended period is long and kinda cranky and moody. Too hot, too cold, too bored yet too tired and stuff like that, and all the COVID symptoms plus some. And brain needs to get to understand that addiction is not the only way to deal with everything(experience here)

  13. All of this is so true. Tell me how guys were better in high school, I guess because not everyone fucked immediately, but they were better at holding hands and making out and just actually showing affection. In most of my adult experiences it’s pretend for five minutes to have sex after. I’ve been with around eight men but one was very long term. It’s actually just turned me off of sex and dating for a long time.

  14. Pick a non sex related goal and commit yourself to it for a while. You need to reprogram what your brain associates with intimacy. This is a big reason so many young dude are having ED issues.

  15. The fact that she keeps lying about it, and admitted that she manipulated people into relationships with it, is the main issue. I wouldn't want to be married to someone that dishonest either. But yes, it does also feel like the OP has an unreasonable expectation on getting them.

  16. As a male I am absolutely scared of having sex with a woman under the effect of ANYTHING. Even if you are a girlfriend now a days I wouldn't feel safe that down the line I am not gonna have rape charges showing up my door.

  17. I think if you’re open about it from the start then it’s normal and most men are okay with it. Especially if they enjoy getting off by watching their partner cum. I think it should be talked about before the first time you actually get intimate in person!

  18. If his mental health isn’t the greatest at the moment, that could he the largest factor. It plays a big role in libido so hopefully he’s taking steps to be in a better place? You mentioned you quit masturbating and things were ok for a week before it stopped. It could be he’s gotten back into masturbating? When my mental health was pretty bad, I’d use porn as an escape because it was easier than interacting with my significant other (no physical energy required, I escape my body which I was self conscious about, and its less complicated than sexual and emotional communication with a human). I had to work with my wife to get my porn intake in check and I ended up quitting altogether. Could be he’s hiding it because he’s ashamed? Just a guess. My main thought is, if he knows the frequency is not ideal, hopefully he’s working to change it. Best of luck to you both.

  19. Sheer speculation? His laughing became so constant that you were no longer sharing in what the joke was and felt that he was laughing at you. Rationally you reject that, instinctively it got to you. Maybe you've been subject to that in the past? In reality, while it's nice to be able to laugh together in an inhibited way, you also have to have an eye out on how the other person or people are responding to it in real time. It's easy to get carried away and then find that everyone is no longer into it with you, which is possibly what happened. You can accept it was just one of those moments when things went awry and that it needn't necessarily happen again. Sure there may be some awkwardness when you get into things again but you both need to carefully and gradually push yourselves until you can find your emotional rhythm together again. Try not to focus on who may be to blame for it but why it maybe went wrong and focus on trying to avoid repeating things

  20. Dude. No. He is toxic, quit being horny and accept this dude is toxic. There are millions dudes out there better than this dude, youre just trying to hurt yourself with him for some reason, stay away. Quit trying to find a reason to justify it, or recolor it. Dudes a snake, and youre gonna get bitten.

  21. Sex is best when it's part of a loving relationship, not the goal. There are lots of good guys out there that like plus size women (I'm one of them, but I'm taken). Focus on finding the right guy and everything else will fall into place.


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