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  1. Nah, I'm horny as always. But it's harder now because it's very easy to meet people saying that Covid was a conspiracy and I don't want to fuck those kind of people

  2. I don't know where you came up with this definition, but not only is it not the official or common definition, it is irrelevant. That's like saying “That man isn't a pedophile! For him to be a pedophile, there must be a clear pattern of preference! All we see is that he seems to like this one particular child, but he could just as easily like 50 year old men and 20 year old women! You don't know his history! He needs to have touched at least 14 kids 15 and below or 19 kids under 17 to be a pedophile!”

  3. After you have cleaned up, is there anything your partner can do to to put you at ease and help you enjoy the experience?

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  5. My dad only owns fake states so that's cool. But fr don't overthink it. It takes time to learn each other's bodies. Just have fun, communicate and learn what she likes and doesn't like. Good sex isn't planned in advance, it just flows your respective energies.

  6. The topic of partners' conflicting sex drives/interests is discussed very often in this forum. If you search past r/sex posts with some diligence (following Forum Rule #3), you’ll find a number of helpful discussions. The r/sex forum's HUGE archive of past posts is a tremendous resource for people who have all kinds of common questions regarding sexual activity. Searching those posts for relevant discussions will definitely help you here.

  7. Yes, we used to have more, but it's been a while. We have different drives, obviously. But he's even admitted that his is probably higher than an average dude. So I don't think we'll ever have as much as he wants.

  8. Foreplay is important. Speaking TO men, unless she is a 'one and done' person, give her one first. coldbrew_extvanfoam Hope you share what you like with him even more so than here. After sex it can be more difficult to be vulnerable towards that same person. That willingness to share being vulnerable together builds intimacy. Intimacy leads to mind blowing orgasms!

  9. That’s not a really experienced man if he doesn’t help you to cum…just saying. He needs to do whatever it takes to help you achieve an orgasm. Like the others said…lots of forplay.

  10. No. It's even better than that. If they're sleeping with you, it's because they like what you look like. That said, this sounds like body dysmorphia and reddit ain't gonna' convince her if living, breathing people whom she has intimate relationships with can't.

  11. You just need to have an honest sit down talk with her. And definitely before you get married. As someone in a dead bedroom, I was in your shoes and thought it would get better, but it never did. I tried talking to her, but nothing changed. Sexual compatibility is very important in a relationship.

  12. I have some more posts I'm planning to do asking for advice about the subject so you will probably hear from her again.

  13. I think I know what you are talking about so wonder if because she is moving her head and her lips are going over your very sensative head. Happens to me. So I had a GF one time that would bobb her head up and down after I came and yes, totally more unpleasant than pleasant so I asked her to just hold her head still with my penis down in her mouth, her tongue could lick my shaft and she could enjoy feeling me get soft and get all the cum she wanted. It really worked great. If that is your case just tell her to please just avoid going over the head. enjoy

  14. Yup, in that regard your gf needs to support you and don’t put it on display so publicly. You should definitely discuss that part with her. It’s just a game and she should only play the game when appropriate and when it’s fun for BOTH parties.

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  16. Could definitely be overtraining. I’m not an athlete myself but take training very seriously. Then I was late 17 / early 18 I was lifting weights for 1-2 hours 6 days a week as well as 30-80 minutes of cardio everyday. Was under 10% bf for sure, with a visible 8 pack. You’d expect my sex drive to be sky high at that age and being that fit at the same time, but it really wasn’t. I’d find girls hot af, but would have better and more satisfying sex back then I was 15 then I was 18 for real. I’m 24 now, and i still find that then I don’t train as much nowdays, my drive actually always goes up. Doing too much is definitely a thing

  17. It's a kink that can lead to other like watching it come out or farther depending on how far you want to go all I say is enjoy

  18. You should probably break up with her. You are using words like “violated” and “trust”…. You sound pretty shaken up and sort of traumatized. Probably going to be a lot of hang ups going forward for the both of you. OR, maybe you two should have a “sit down” ahead of sex, and write out a list of acceptable and non-acceptable positions and acts. Designate some safe words. Both sign it. You two should have really done this two years ago I suppose.

  19. When I was with my ex (before we lived together) I'd deliberately not masturbate during the week so I had a good build of sexual energy by the time I saw her at the weekend. Sex life was honestly a lot better for it, eventually I stopped masturbating entirely for the rest of the relationship.

  20. I'm 40 and went on a date with a 31yo. I know a couple married for more than a decade and he is 10 years older than her. Men are typically older in a relationship because we are expected to provide for the family and the mother stay home and care for the children. Also, women tend to be misandrist and want men with higher money and status. You are dating someone likely of lower income and status. Maybe that is part of what is givong you pause. Also, your life desires may be different than his. You're 32 and if you plan to raise a family are you going to expect him to be the bread winner, can he make enough to do that? And, you are running out of time to do that because you're over 30. If you two are a good match, would he marry you in a year and be ready to have some kids?

  21. So if he stop putting out and when she asked why and he responded, well, because I knew that’s what you needed. Once we were married I knew I didn’t need to do it anymore…. You’d say that wasn’t deceiving her into a relationship?

  22. I read the post as saying she has said it's hard limit, but OP is speculating, although she hasn't said it, that it's not actually a “real limit.” The phrasing was somewhat ambiguous, though, so if I'm interpreting that wrong, OP can let me know.

  23. I had an ex who acted super weird about semen. He didn’t even like to touch it. He was so yucked out about it that he didn’t care if he got blow jobs or not. Flash forward, all of that stemmed from his past with SA and his stepdad verbally abusing him and calling him gay all the time when he was a kid. Just my personal anecdote, but it’s possible that a seriously adverse reaction like his could be tied to something deeper.

  24. It maybe depends what the person you’re with is into. I like the passion of sex. Wrapping of legs, kissing, hands on back… etc etc a lot of that entanglement isn’t possible if the lady partner is on her knees in front of me. Some guys might be into aspects of the blowjob more. Having the Ok and comfort with the girl who wants me to cum inside her is a lot sexier then a blow job (although you wouldn’t see me turn down any of them!)

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  26. I slap the monkey once a day. Sometimes more I know a lot of women don’t like men watching porn and their reasons seem fair so I’ll attempt it. Just feel weird getting off to myself idk

  27. And whats crazy is I don't really care for sex as a whole it's so much to think about but head I know that I'm good at it and I don't have to be touched and I can make somebody happy

  28. I'd recommend buying Lifestyles Snug Fit condoms. For small to medium-sized penises, they work extremely well, and the best of all, they won't slip. The plus, because of how they fit, you'll feel like he is not wearing anything. Source: own experience.


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