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  1. Tell her you want to have a talk about your sex life and how it's impacting you and set a date to spend a couple hours talking, that way she has time to mentally prepare for that conversation.Tell her in a non sexual setting when you are alone. Make her see how it's upsetting you and ask her if she is willing to work on the situation?

  2. I would like to begin by pointing out the age gap. You’re very likely being manipulated because you’re young and this person has much more life experience then you. It is also suspicious how she is pressuring you to have unprotected sex. You have a right to make your own decisions.

  3. It's really hard to predict what someone's sexuality is going to be like, but it seems like your partner's are likely a coincidence. Everyone likes it different.

  4. Oh God. Thank you! How the fuck did I forget Glory Box?? Also this slow sexy Toxic cover by some foreign lady and “Think Twice” by Groove Armada. those songs are just like Glory Box

  5. Have you tried saying For me the closeness, and connection in that kind of environment, is a turn on. And more generally explaining how emotional connection is what makes you feel sexual? I mean you've explained it perfectly well in your post so what's the problem? Is it that you've tried and he hasn't got it?

  6. I also had a similar problem. In the foreplay I am super hard. We both are virgins so there was difficulty in inserting it.. and once i start trying my dock doesn't remain that hard and hence I fail to penetrate. Is this cause I am watching too much porn and masturbating or I just need to be simulating my dick till I insert?

  7. Ask them? Might mean what you're doing they don't particularly enjoy. It's best to talk it over and experiment. What might work great with one partner might not on the next. We're all built differently and have different preferences.

  8. It could be a few things: reaction to your man’s cum, pH imbalance (from washing using soap or shampoo down there), or thrush. Try using a condom to see if that stops the stinging. Replace shampoo or body wash with a Femwash (designed for Womens sensitive areas), or apply thrush cream if it is indeed thrush. For healing the area and making it slick during intimacy, use an olive oil or coconut oil based lube containing CBD (it healed my body really quickly). Good luck.

  9. If he hadn’t had a test from the time he was feeling good you don’t really know if he is off his peak levels. If you go to a hormone replacement clinic or rejuvenation clinic they will write it and monitor. Just be aware it’s probably a lifetime commitment that will have side effects ie. Hematocrit, hemoglobin quite possibly blood pressure irregularities. These can be minimized with proper adjustments to treatment. The other side of that is most likely a much higher libido along with a new lease on life. There can be increased aggression as well. Once you’ve experienced it it’s very hard to stop and go back, I don’t know what the statistics are for those who stop and if they stay off testosterone and for how long, I’d be interested to know if there is a study. Know before you go.


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