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Monday’s the perfect time for a GOOD week start. Or a NAUGHTY one ? Let’s start this week fine af. Wanna play ? [9999 tokens remaining]

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  1. You have to wear a condom unless otherwise discussed. It's not should; it's has to. But you really need to be talking about this stuff first. If you get a weird reaction from the lady, that just means the lady is used to being irresponsible.

  2. Kids these days need everything spelled out and signed in blood because they are so uptight. Be discerning and use your best judgment. A lot of girls don’t like or want to obviously invite their own BF to have sex every single time they do it. It’s different for every relationship and obviously a clear no is a clear no. But missing context and tone is ridiculous.

  3. As someone who has been through really awful sexual experiences with exes, you showing that your truly cared about her and her well-being is what made her cry. My current partner does a very similar thing to what you did, and sometimes the knowledge that he truly just wants me to be ok can be slightly overwhelming in the best way possible. keep doing what you’re doing

  4. It’s so interesting! Not even my husband’s morning breath grossed me out 😭 Scent is such a major part of attraction and people don’t realize it


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