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  1. I am a skinny woman with severe deformations from cancer and treatment. I lack of hair and one of my breast is basically not existence. So yeah, I looked like I went through a war zone. I highly suggest if you two do watch porn together to see find actresses that have a similar body type as her. Make sure she doesn’t have body dysmorphia, if so, she needs to seek therapy. Maybe seeing a sex therapist may help.

  2. There are some safe and consensual ways to explore exhibitionism and I hope that someone else on the sub will help you out with the advice you're looking for – I'm by no means an expert so I'm not even going to try. I did just want to mention though that you need to be careful about actively including other people in your sexual fantasies without their consent. I for one would be uncomfortable if I found out that my friends were secretively touching each other with me in the room (and trust me, a lot of the time the friend figures out and is too awkward to say anything). I'm not entirely sure what you were getting at when discussing the showering scene so maybe you could clarify – but your girlfriend definitely can't send you pictures where her friends are even partially unclothed without their knowledge and consent. Even the compromise of her sending a picture of herself with a clothed friend in the background may make the friend very uncomfortable if they knew the purpose of it (assuming you're going to use it as getting off material?). Some people are chilled with their friends engaging in sexual activity around them e.g. In uni some people used to have sex with their friends in the room and it was considered acceptable (I didn't but others did lol) – but the point is that if you don't know that they're fine with it and have their consent, you shouldn't be exposing them to it whether or not you think they're going to figure it out.

  3. If you’re serious about this relationship ask yourself this question. “Am I really wanting to spend the rest of my life with someone who I am unable to have sex with and won’t let me watch porn to satisfy my sexual urges?” I understand that you love this individual and you’ve been very accommodating to their asexuality, but do you really want to sacrifice sex to be with this person? It’s a genuine question. From what you’ve described it seems you are not compatible and unable to be satisfied due to your frustration with their boundaries of no pornography and no sex. Pro Tip: Break up and find someone else. You have sexual desires and she doesn’t. How important is sex and/or having an outlet to pleasure yourself to you? If you can truly reflect and accept a relationship without those two things with her then we wish you the best, but if you genuinely feel that without sex and an outlet to satisfy your needs in your relationship will continue to cause discomfort and frustration then you only set yourself for years and YEARS of pain, resentment, despair, and many other negative things that will happen. This type of stuff is something that NEEDS to be considered in a relationship or else it is 100% doomed to fail and you’ll realize you’re in your 30s or 40s having wasted 10-20 years in a relationship that never truly fulfilled you due to your incompatibility when you could do BOTH of yourselves a favor and find different people who can fulfill you in ways that suit your case more.

  4. +1 on all the lots of foreplay comments. I think that will go a long, long way to making it enjoyable for both of you. Especially if you’re really present for it, you know? Try not to be in your own head and focused on your performance. Try your best to be aware of the moments and find what legitimately turns you on in this woman. What is thrilling you about her right then? Take it all in and relax into it. Notice as much as you can without fretting over how you’re doing as a sexual partner. Easier said than done, I know! But since you’re here asking, I bet you’re ready for the challenge 😅


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