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for first day 😉 Hi guys, I am here for the first time today, be polite and careful with me and then maybe I’ll stay) [1000 tokens remaining]

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  1. We judge ourselves too much. Your partner probably doesn't even think about it But, if that's something that you don't like, you can always do some squats or hit the gym. Again, just if it is something you're doing for yourself only, not for a partner

  2. Update: HE LOVED IT. I had him lay down. (We we’re on the floor of our living room. We have three kids and have to get it where we can when everyone crashes) and I started licking his inner thighs and playfully nibbling. I start licking his ball gently and the slowly moved my tongue up the shaft, twirling around the tip and then going all the way down until he was in my throat. The going down and coming up a little bit and repeat with a major pro tip. Thanks for the new trick 😁😁😁

  3. Guys are normally summary in nature unless you need something fixed then we get details. Sex discussion is the same. Had sex yes no, at a neat location? Might include that.

  4. More lube. Water based requires more applications but is toy safe and less allergy inducing. Still, better check the composition if anything can trigger any known reaction to you and your boyfriend. Silicone lube lasts longer but is a mess to clean generally speaking. More toys and of increasing sizes so you can get slowly used to bigger sizes. Apply lube as need be, if you think it's enough, add more to be sure. Practice. Lots of practice. You need to be 150% percent sure of yourself and your body, what and how it feels good especially as you size up in toys. Communication. Tell your boyfriend to go slowly and at a pace you're comfortable and indicate to him during sex through any means you find good and understandable for both. Take breaks. Don't be afraid to tell him to hydrate and lube up. Sometimes during sex it's not immediately apparent you need lube and the pain comes later.

  5. I mean, I have noticed a problem with my erections not getting as big (I'm sorry for the explicitly). Which apparently is one of the symptoms, but it might be caused by something else.

  6. Generally on a mirror for doggy style or riding on one for cowgirl. If you’re looking to fuck yourself in multiple positions than a suction cup dildo probably isn’t the way to go.

  7. Jap porn is definitely more submissive and aggressive. There's also a big fear of crossing a line. It's hard for people especially men to be vulnerable. Look up some Japanese porn and Hentai. Just to be prepared for what he may like. While it could mostly just be fantasy, and fantasy =/= reality. There could be opportunity for some roleplay. Let him know your there for his pleasure too. If he doesn't want full blown sex, offer to jerk him off while he looks at porn. Get him comfortable with him letting you into that side of him.

  8. Understandable you are worried about this but in reality you are fine. Unless you are dating a real size queen, most BBC fantasies are just that fantasies.

  9. I gave my husband a Tenga flip zero fleshlight for Christmas because we have been using a couple vibrators and toys on me regularly and I thought he deserved a fun toy for when we don't feel like PiV or want to mix it up We used it for the first time yesterday and it was so hot. I really like that the toy is clear in the sides and I can see his dick in it He said it was too cold and he wants to warm it up next time but it was fun

  10. I’m 38 and my wife is 47. Our sex life is through the roof! After she turned about 45, her sex drive went through the roof! Prior to her later 40’s, sex was alright. 1-2 times a week. But now, it’s 3-5 times a week plus that much on the weekends alone. She doesn’t even go for much foreplay anymore.

  11. I dont think it's ridiculous at all. You want to practice safe sex and due to this, you are envious of the level of intimacy she had with other partners that you are not ready for. That is valid, in my opinion. What I would do is build and create intimacy in other ways. They don't have to be sexual, but they can be if that's what you want. Intimacy is incredibly important and it could be fun to explore ways you can have more of it.

  12. Please don’t vilify all birth control. There are non-hormonal forms of birth control (Ex: copper IUD, diaphragm)…& millions of women have few or lessor side effects. Decisions should be made by talking to a Gynecologist or reputable services like Planned Parenthood, not randos on Reddit.

  13. Well, be civilized and straight-forward. Ask him. That's how the rest of us do it: somebody at some point has to make the first move and say, “Hey, come out for a drink. Let me buy you a cheese-steak or something. I like you.” Usually you can tell by their reaction to this what they want, and that lights your path up inordinately well.

  14. You aren't alone. Many men are like this. Sometimes it feels easier to not know something because it doesn't make it real. Also its difficult to come terms that something is wrong with our bodies but that doesn't make you less of a man in any way. I'm glad to hear she is supporting and now it's your turn to support yourself. The fact that you reached out to us shows that you do want answers and your best bet is to start with a doctor appointment. Pick a doctor that's male and close to your age so he can talk to you man to man on a relatable level. It might be something as simple and supplement or a pill or it could be something completely different, not sex related, and you'll be glad you nipped it in the butt. Afterwards it won't seem like a big deal, youll feel so much better, and you both will return to your happy marriage. Your marriage doesn't need saving, you do buddy! You got this!

  15. Yes, you can do exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor. This will help you be able to flex it while inside of her easily before you’re ready to orgasm. You can also buy dildos with inflatable tips. Which I personally am a fan of. They are expensive but they are definitely worth it in my opinion. I don’t own the calexotics one but I own about 7 toys from that brand and everything is top notch. CalExotics Insatiable G Inflatable G-Bunny

  16. Tell him his dick probably melted to a tiny baby dick from all the acid from the ph of those 16 vaginas.

  17. Honestly I think he’s fine to have this stance. And you should be able to respect his boundaries. You may disagree with them, and if it’s a dealbreaker for you, that’s also totally fine. This may be what opens the door to your conversation about marriage. If you’ve been together for two years, maybe it’s time to DTR. If it’s not heading towards marriage, it sounds like the jig might be up.

  18. There are lots of men out there who would never treat you like that. Pretty much everyone I know would never consider saying something so stupid and insulting, thereby showing themself to be a self-centered cold jerk.

  19. Note to commenters freshly made accounts that have first post about dick size, needing bigger and missing big dick ex's seems to be a common roleplaying fetish trend on this sub

  20. Maybe start with something a bit more traditionally sexy to dip his balls in? Whip cream, chocolate sauce, caramel, etc? Then just start introducing new condiments until you find the experience you're looking for. Also, as a penis owner/operator, please avoid spicy stuff at all costs. It's bad news. Just trust me on this.

  21. Your boyfriend needs to be more patient with you, especially since he's been your only sexual partner. I lost my v-card when I was 18, but I didn't have my first orgasm until I was 22.

  22. I don't see it necessary unless you're finding yourself lusting after said friend irl. Even then, if the lust doesn't go away or gets worse, that's probably a conversation better suited for a therapist. That's just my thoughts on it; you know yourself and your relationship better than any reddit stranger. Hope you find some peace soon 💕


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