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  1. A little feedback. You might want to take into consideration the sexual orientation of your participants. As a straight male (which I'm assuming the majority of Redditors are) I have no interest in kissing, fooling around, or engaging in sex with any of the men presented. I can still rate how attractive I think they are but I think it is kinda skewed due to sexual orientation.

  2. People enjoy sex with different levels of passion, roughness and kink. If your partner wants you to spit in her face and you find that freaky, it's a problem. If you like to bite during sex, but your partner doesn't, that's a problem. If your partner wants you to eat her out after ejaculating in her, but you find that gross, it's a problem. If your partner wants to have threeways but you don't, that's a problem.

  3. well i wouldnt say i have experience, i didnt really do anything. of course i want to meet people its just hard for me

  4. You have a lifetime of sex together ahead of you. It's a first experience for your both. I wouldn't personally think that far into it if I were you. Just be in the moment with her and enjoy yourselves. If you go fast *shrugs* so what. It's her first time too. You guys will grow as a couple and it will improve. From a female perspective, I wouldn't personally ruin it by masturbating first. Maybe men will chime in differently though.

  5. Ok, so I see this as much less of an issue of you having been with women for so long and much more an issue of just needing more time to learn your partners preferences. There are some things that are kind of in common for all men, but there is definitely a ton of preferences to each. I've known men that want so much pressure during a blowjob that my teeth dig into my lips and make them bleed. I've known another who's so sensitive that any pressure at all made them wince. Yet another who doesn't want a lot of focus on the head of their penis because it is so sensitive and appreciates my tongue moving along the shaft more. While some men enjoy and expect you to play with their balls I have also known men who really don't want their balls touched at all. These are all just a matter of preference. These are all things you really can only direct to him and you should feel free to do so unabashedly. Asking him this questions means he gets exactly what he wants. ​ As far as riding on top, that's an easier question to answer lol. You gotta build up those leg muscles for that. The more you do it the stronger they will get. If you want to do it faster hit the gym and work all the muscles in that region that make it possible. I guess I can't speak for ALL women but I would say we have all been there and felt the burn lmao, it's WORK πŸ™‚ The best sort though! GOOD LUCK!!

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  7. The pounding part: She sounds like a g-spot orgasm enjoyer. I can't speak for all, but the hardness of the cock and the pressure you put behind the cock-movements matters more than jamming it in and out aimlessly. You know the feeling when you get close and you think you got the nut bagged? And then they stop? Dude, it's the same for us. So frustrating you could peel off the bedsheets. Try using your fingers if you have to stop mid-game, highly recommend Captain Hook. The ex part: This is more the problem. You should not feel belittled and self-conscious for what you do with her. Real shit thing to say from her. No matter how frustrated she is for not being pounded to oblivion by a duracell bunny, she should shut up about her ex and tell you what she wants you to do. Or bounce.

  8. Nothing is wrong with you it's best to talk about it during the intimate moment like tell your partner to lick your nipples more or rub you while they are in you like just little enhancements that can make your experience more pleasant

  9. Completely and utterly normal. The clitoris is where women get pleasure. Women getting off from penetrative sex is like men getting off from anal play. A cool thing if it works for you, but rarely a primary source of sexual pleasure. Not a woman but the only pleasure my wife gets from penetration is mental.

  10. Fuck my life. My wife has never done this or even a real BJ. She was my first so never experienced it before her either. 18 years married now feels like i have thrown my life away πŸ™


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