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  1. I wish people would realize that porn, especially professional porn, is just not realistic when it comes to regular everyday sex that us normal folk have. They are trying to get shots from specific angles and all of that to make it “sexy”. Also finding amateur porn preferably with people who have similar body types as oneself is probably a decent route to go as well especially if trying to find ways to do things and to help be less affected by “I don’t look like her/him” issue.

  2. I can't give you great detail because I'm not in one. But I have several friends who are and have been with their partner for 20+ years, tightly managed the open relationship, spend tons of quality time together, but they each have bfs/gfs outside the relationship. And they all hang out together sometimes. Whatever they're doing, it really seems to work

  3. Somebody telling you that they want to further an emotional/intellectual relationship with you is an immense turn on and highly stimulating. I don't care if somebody wants to sleep with me on the first date, regardless if I want to. How they handle themselves engages certain part of my brain. Sometimes (hence the “arguably”) having someone tell you they are so interested in you that they put aside basic biological urges so they themselves can be more even more comfortable with you – that's an intense feeling.

  4. Using a tampon while not on your period can cause TSS (Toxic shock syndrome) and its very dangerous! Be safe! You can also use a reusable at home douche with just water. It helps!


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