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  1. I wouldn't call that a boundary, a boundary in this context would be normalising sexual control. For example if a partner said you're only allowed to give blow jobs and that's the only form of sex we have, that's isn't a boundary, that's sexually controlling behaviour.

  2. Not the right sub for this. This is for sex advice and questions. Try talking to him or communicating what you need. If he is a good bf he will try for you. If not, end it and look for something else. Your needs are important. Good luck

  3. So, you don't have to be rude. Just tell him now you'll gladly eat his ass again, but it needs some freshing up. And it's also not an issue to ask the same if he's smelly at your place. You have a shower right? If he wants his ass eaten, just say you'll do it after he has freshened up in your shower. Pass him some soap. No biggie. Don't be rude. That's totally unnecessary.

  4. Curious why that's a one way statement. Why is it her preferences and needs outweigh his? He likes it one way, she likes it the other. Doesn't make him selfish to have a way he likes sex. No more than it makes her selfish for liking and wanting a different way. Are they compatible? Probably not. Is either one of them right or wrong? Nope. Getting pretty tired of this forum saying this trope. Him saying foreplay ruins the mood is exactly the same thing as her saying she needs it.

  5. Nope, just assumed you were referring specifically to “hot husband” rather than the broader use of “hot partner” to refer to swapping without the humiliation inherent in the term “cuck”.


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