Alice, 💦 couple sex cams nature

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Hi try make me cum if you can:P [992 tokens remaining]

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  1. As a woman I have some condoms but will tell guys to use their favorite. If it’s not negotiable for you just say he has to use one. That way they can find the ones they like on their own. But a lot of people don’t know they come in different sizes. No need for name calling.

  2. Are there any health consequences for her? As rough and kinky I like being, I also get concerned for whoever I hook up with

  3. Thats such a good point thank you; thank you for talking to me. Every-time we talk about actually the specifics of getting divorced she shuts it down and says we need to work it out. I’ve gone back and forth in that cycle and now i’m trying to break it.

  4. You’re not ruined, you haven’t “lost” anything, virginity doesn’t exist. It’s not a real measurable thing. You’ve gained experience, explored yourself and learned. And hopefully had a good time. You could ride a 10inch diameter silicone tentacle twice a day for a decade and not lose your tightness.

  5. Its not courageous to do the bare minimum. Yes its difficult knowing it could end your relationship. You know whats more difficult? Having to hear it from your partner that they cheated.

  6. This isn’t for everyone, but one thing I always liked when my wife and I used to use condoms: If I had to get them from somewhere across the room, if I looked back and she was playing with her pussy it would drive my nuts. Bonus points if she said “hurry up and fuck me”. This applies to all my following points as well. Tell him to let you help him put it on, either with your hand or your mouth (personal favorite) Get into a sexy pose. Arch your back and present yourself to him. Or spread your legs. Ask him if there’s anything he’d like. The possibilities are endless!

  7. Why do you use the word creep? I know it's lost it's meaning in modern usage but a creep is someone who has a complete disrespect for someone's privacy and wellbeing, or positively takes pleasure in making someone uncomfortable – a guy bringing up sex too early could simply be a man who wants to outline the boundaries to make sex more safe and enjoyable but doesn't realize that his enthusiasm isn't reciprocated

  8. Sexual appetites vary in the course of a lifetime. You and your partner may discover new likes, kinks, etc. If the relationship is worth it, it's very possible to always find new ways to entertain it, and the effort you put in and discoveries you make together are the real pleasure. It's like wondering if you'll ever grow tired of pizza. The answer is no, if you keep it interesting. Been with my hubbs for 10 years, our sex life has never been better. Currently plotting a new surprise for him, and I know it'll be spectacular.

  9. You’re only 22. As someone who had a kid at 20 just wait until your frontal lobe is fully developed at least (25). You’re feelings and wisdom and life experience will be VASTLY different in a few years.

  10. I don't understand the question. I am in a long term relationship (2+ years), but before that I was still constantly thinking about sex and talking about it, although not having it lol.

  11. “Oh baby, I love stroking your big cock. Are you going to cum for me? Please, baby. I really need you to cum for me.”

  12. It could be important that you “freeze up and get anxious” when attempting to have sex. Is there trauma in your history? If sex is triggering suppressed trauma, then your reaction makes perfect sense. Should this resonate, I would warmly recommend trauma therapy, ideally with a therapist skilled in IFS and EMDR.


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