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  1. You F? Happens to my wife too. Being like that since ever and not been a problem. It is something to do with hormons.

  2. Hey, no I have never used a tampon or toys before. I once tried to finger myself but it did feel a bit uncomfortable so I stopped out of fear.

  3. The initial insertion feels amazing to me. Like there’s a little bit of resistance, but once it pushes past it’s like this moment of euphoria accompanied by a feeling of relaxing and accepting, and usually a lot more wetness…. For me this feeling is enhanced by the anticipation & resistance preceding.

  4. Did you through the basic bdsm procedure with him? Set clear rules and boundaries within which you can play? Establish a safeword for you and for him? Prepare for aftercare, get a blanket, some chocolate, comfort food. This is like bdsm 101. It's a requirement because it sets boundaries and limitations on what is allowed and minimises distress and melancholy that can happen after for the dominant as well as the submissive. He needs to know that what he does is allowed by you and you need to put your wellbeing in his hands. That needs to be a very safe covenant. This is not a list of optional things to maybe try, it's a clear list of things to do because it works. Good luck.

  5. Except that apparently it’s not a need since he’s been fine without it for 20 years. And he’s fine without it if she tell him the times she did it were horrible experiences. It’s only a need if she swallowed for other people and didn’t hate it. Which is she enjoyed it she probably wouldn’t have refused with him.

  6. Yeah just chill for now. The doc will sort you out. Until then just enjoy, and do whatever your body is capable of. By not stressing it may even improve performance a bit. It’s all good. You are living the dream, savor it!

  7. 100% this. Plenty of reasonable ways to find BC and STI protection that work for all parties. Bringing emotional blackmail and manipulation into it is the sort of thing that gets someone permanently kicked out of the bedroom.

  8. It is a poor way to communicate but now you know it is a flag that they might be submissive. Use this knowledge to explore that conversation with them. Even knowing this I would still not assume that I would dominate them. A conversation would still need to be had regarding consent and so on. Obviously in your case you would explain that you are not a dom.

  9. Condoms are a covert way to sterilize the male with spermicide The materials that the condom are made from also leech into your penis These over time can and will cause shrinking The IUD is a good form of birth control however it throws off the woman’s natural hormone production Over time she may be in a state of hormone imbalance The choice is yours my friend but raw dog has never failed me 30m

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  11. If he's making all those request I'd be like you better make me cum EVERYTIME THEM. of course it's controlling.

  12. Could be a release of your own negative thoughts about yourself and being able to truly be yourself. ,Could be love

  13. put yourself in her shoes. would you want your partner to be so disgusted by your body that they could only enjoy sex from one position? I certainly wouldn't like that, nor would I want to feel that way about my partner. I can't really see this dynamic heading in a great direction. on the other hand, I'm somewhat curious as to why this is something you're so fixated on. in my experience, once I'm in the mood I could not care less what's down there as long as it's clean. like, I think it's silly that guys worry so much about size and girth and being cut or uncut because literally none of that matters once my horny brain is on. is it really that bad??

  14. It’s a mindset, takes complete relaxation. I am same as you, unless I relax and breath into the orgasms.

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  16. He’s also sensitive. And it’s not exactly a huge problem that he takes over. I totally get that it’s easier for the person experiencing it to adjust and do it just right. It’d just be nice to make him finish myself. I might be a little prideful though


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