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  1. Agree 100%. The sexual thrill is over in a way once you have sex, it’s mostly in the build up in my opinion.

  2. Made up for sure. Me and the wife used to do it 2-4 times a day every day we were together, and then we were a month apart sometimes due to me studying in another town, and I was fine. Very horny, but physically fine.

  3. We have sex 1 to 4 times per day- higher number on weekends when we dont have our kids lol. We both intiate. 42 (f) 49 ( m)

  4. If you ladies want to hear a guy moan, watch videos of guys doing prostate massage and having a Super Orgasm (prostate orgasm). I became like a woman, lost all control, including vocally. Tons of oh, yes, WoW!

  5. Exactly. The same goes for struggling with your weight. If you can't figure it out, just give up hope altogether. Thanks for the advice!

  6. Back in the day there were Natural Lamb condoms. They felt good but were less than effective as birth control.

  7. Just tell her you think it would be really hot if she tried those things. And then eventually maybe she’ll like doing it. She is probably feeling insecure about whether she’ll be good at it, that’s how I was

  8. she wants the spontaneity of it and you reading her body and mind so well that it is desirable for her. Except that's not possible to do every time. Chances are she may not even understand it herself or if she does then it's her expectations that are creating mental barriers preventing her from being seduced. Either way, in a relationship it's all about communicating. It's you two vs the problem not just you should keep trying and pray it works. She should at the bare minimum be able to communicate the feelings that she wants to get if she doesn't want to give you specifics. Things like “I can get turned on when you make me feel safe/small/loved/desireable”. Then you have some guidance and can figure it out. ideally she needs to be direct about what she likes. Once she is direct, then it's your job to do that and if she wants it to be surprise then genuinely surprise her the best you can


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