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  1. It is a form of stealthing which is rape. And I don't care what most men will assume, it's still rape. Sex is always a risk of pregnancy. That doesnt mean that you have the right to push those boundaries without your partner's consent. Its a stupid thing to assume. And regardless of pregnancy, there are health or just comfort reasons to not cum in somebody. You shouldn't cum inside for the same reason you shouldn't do anything sexual without their consent.

  2. Holup, if she lies to him about being on BC and without that lie he wouldn't consent to the sex, she's raping him. Why are you blaming him in that situation?!

  3. The vagina is the penis turned inside out. We start off with the same basic stuff and it works itself out differently based on sex. Our vagina is just your shaft, what do you mean it's not a sex organ?

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  5. I would give a girl head 1 to 3 times a day but I dont like BJs enough to even ask for that. Vagina is better imo.

  6. As someone dating a man… My boyfriend is hot. This theoretical third person is also hot. Watching hot people do sexual things together is hot. Put that all together with a personal spin and it's a pretty sweet occasion. It's pretty similar to when heterosexual men watch lesbian porn, but that's far more normalized socially. I dunno if it's common, but I've seen it enough to know that it's not unusual. That said, do not do anything you're not comfortable with! Ever! It will ruin the experience. If you decide you want to do it and it's not as hot as you guys thought it would be, who cares? Move on and do other stuff! 🙂

  7. The term “technical virgin” comes to mind. Although generally people eventually have penetrative sex unless they're somehow physically unable to do so or they have enough of a phobia of the opposite sex's genitalia that it finally precludes any further heterosexual relationships.

  8. No, not at all, the patriarchal pressures extend to men too. This is a woman posting so I’m addressing her. But men have many toxic societal pressures too. Perpetrated by the patriarchy. Real men don’t cry, men can’t control themselves etc.

  9. It is possible. I was able to as well, lots of water, cranberry juice, and cranberry pills with probiotics. Just pay attention if things get worse then go to the doctor.

  10. I slap dat ass every chance I get, I've even accidently done it in front of my Mother in Law. I am a boob man, but when out and about its the ass that gets the attention.

  11. Take plan b. Block this guys number & seek help from friends. He assaulted you i’m afraid, he is not a good person.


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