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  1. In addition to medication sometimes emotional connection can play a huge role in sexual desire. Do you make her feel loved special and prioritized? Do you take her on dates and tell her how beautiful she is? Do you give her a day off and send her to get a massage and get her hair and nails done and take her out for dinner? Making a woman feel important can really make her feel the sexual desire

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  3. Oooooh, while they are pressing your g-spot, have them press the area above your clit, where the bladder is. I heard it helps, too!

  4. My male partner owns one of those ones that looks like a realistic butt. I named her Abby and I smack her when I walk by. Could honestly care less.

  5. No you're right. I was more thrown off by what you said. I ended up talking about it with him. He felt really bad and didn't realize how rough he was being. But now I feel worse for not telling him to be gentle

  6. Omg its sweet to see someone who understands me! Because we are literally the same even the high sex drive detail

  7. Do you have a guy friend who is sort of removed from your close friends that would be fun, comfortable, and not put pressure on you since they know you personally? I went through a similar situation but with a lesbian friend. I was very curious and interested but hesitant and she was a fantastic friend (and teacher) through it all. We are still friends because we knew there were no strings attached.

  8. Thank you! I’ll just have to bring it up to my doctor when I see them next. And your definitely right I should really stop seeing this guy. Whatever was there obviously isn’t any more


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