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  1. We are both really honest in our relation and shes aware of everything I do. Because I never wanted to hurt her. Shes not jealous and dosnt mind me sexting with girls. I made sure of that and talked about that a lot of times. Im just wondering if its normal to do that. Or to be attracted by other girls even if you have strong feelings for your half. I dont think I need to break up or stop as its not making problems in my relation. Maybe I am thinking too much?

  2. Seems he wants to inflict some breakup pain back to her. As in: Fuck her! And literally shove it up her ass. Leave Don't look back. That breakup went to his head. And after the first concession she made, he knew she was his. Nope…. Don't do it.

  3. And while I do agree with this, a situation fundamentally altered the dynamic of their relationship. And yes, lots of abusers cab fake it for awhile, there's also a real chance that they're both dealing with some serious mental health issues stemming from it. I do think couples therapy is an option. I also hope she knows when it's time to pull the plug here.

  4. It is completely possible for anyone to have a cuck fetish, regardless of their mental health. It sounds like she hasn't asked for you to be a cuck, and also hasn't even asked for you to fulfill her cuck fantasy. She also sounds like she has some shame about it, as she has been crying with guilt after masturbating. Your current questions could add to this guilt and shame, so be considerate with how you talk about this with her. You don't ever have to do something that you aren't comfortable with, but be grateful that your partner feels open enough to share this with you. Don't spoil this openness with a severe response. Good luck, stay safe, have fun!

  5. If she has a 28 day cycle she's already ovulated. Honestly there's not much you can do about it, realistically any date in a cycle you can get pregnant there's just times there's more or less of a chance. Try not to stress, nothing can be changed now just get the meds ASAP tomorrow ❤️

  6. It’s normal for a guy to want that yes, is it normal for him to refuse to stop after you communicate it’s scary and you don’t like it, no. If he is not going to listen to your needs and your feelings, then you don’t have to suck his cock. Basically, he needs to learn to control his stupid impulses or you won’t put yourself in that situation

  7. WATCHING something is NOT the same as DOING something. Plenty of people enjoy watching same sex porn, it doesn't mean they're homosexual, or bi for that matter.

  8. Like these comments say, yeah you can dump her, but I recommend having a deep conversation with her about it. She may truly just be body positivity issues and needs time. I personally love love love sex with my fiancé, and he calls me beautiful and sexy on the daily, but there are weeks where I just overall don’t like my body and I get extremely self conscious and ashamed of it. He’s helped me through it each and every time

  9. When I was younger, if I knew she was gonna put out, yes. A flat no would be if I knew she didn’t give head or swallow the baby batter.


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