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  1. Never go down on a girl until before they have done a test and shown you the results. It depends how well you know them, but I’d just ask them what they’re into! I too have just split up with my gf, stay strong brother

  2. You should tell him I bet he'd be flattered by such a strong response 🙂 happened to me after dating my boyfriend for ten years for the first time!

  3. It's about communicating what you're feeling. Almost like a sports commentator… but sexy. Feeling wet? Tell him you're dripping. Love the tingle in your nipples when his chest is against you, tell him that. So horny your clit is throbbing? You got it, tell him that too. Tell him what your senses are going through. What are you enjoying looking at, maybe his facial expressions, maybe his arms either side of your head whilst in missionary. What are you hearing? Tell him how wild his moans make you. Can you taste something? Maybe you taste his cum or even your own pussy. Smell something? You love the sex in the air, the natural scent of his skin or the smell of your own arousal. Touch? Love running your hand through his chest hair or over his ass or on your clit etc. Be creative, use a variety of tones. Speak out fantasies, tell him what you want him to do to you. Tell him what you want to do to him.

  4. I think you should talk with your boyfriend, tell him what you wrote in this post. You need to be direct and communicate what you want out of your relationship when it comes to sex. You should also ask him what he wants out of sex. He needs to be specific in his wants as well. I will say: he may just not want to have sex as much as you do, or maybe he doesn’t find sex as pleasurable and/or enjoyable as you do. If so you need to be willing to listen to him, and understand that he may just not want to do it as often or maybe at all. You both need to have an open mind, and be understanding of your desires, make what you want clear and if you or he doesn’t understand something make sure to explain and be patient 🙂 You could always try new things to maybe make it more interesting and/or enjoyable for one another, and if you want to orgasm toys are always an option and nothing to be ashamed about using during sex

  5. Odds are zero if she is on her period. The risk is interpreting all bleeding as period and it being ovulation related. Period.

  6. He’s upset because he thinks it means your cheating on him. Idiotic men (not all, the idiots) think vagina loosening means that you’ve been having more sexual partners. Which is total Bs and it probably is in fact due to you being more comfortable.

  7. i get what you mean. actually something that i didn’t mention and that i should’ve said (my bad) is that we did in fact talked about « what if we have sex together ? ». we’ve discussed it but it didn’t engage anything. it was just a discussion. for the rest, i should’ve been more firm. i guess i was curious.

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  9. A few days is a really bad idea, but you'll learn that yourself once you can't leave the house because of the need to pee so often, and then being unable to get off the toilet until you're done crying in pain after one measly drop of urine… Here's the thing… An infection means bacterial overgrowth. Antibiotics are what fix that, only doctors can prescribe antibiotics. You haven't elaborated on what exactly your fears are but now is a great time to practice advocating for your sexual health, which is SO SO important as an adult. Telehealth means you don't have to go in person, a women's clinic may be more likely to accept walk ins. Pick an option. You go, describe symptoms, pee in a cup (in private), then they write you a script. They'll probably have a conversation about sexual health, which it sounds like you could really benefit from. It's way easier than your mind is trying to tell you.

  10. I enjoy my glass dildo, but what I enjoy is the hitting of the back of my vaginal cavity. So the solid glass is great for that. I never feel anything when I finger myself. I can't reach the spot that my husband can when fingers me. A buzzer for my clit is my go to for self pleasure, otherwise I do prefer a person lol

  11. Honey I used to make online porn before OnlyFans existed. I dated a professional porn actress. Porn is great. As a TREAT. If you NEED porn or else you are psychologically incapable of achieving an orgasm, then yes, you have a problem. If you LIKE porn, all good. If you NEED porn, you have a problem. It’s not being against porn. It’s about being against NEEDING porn in order to achieve orgasm at all, and prioritizing porn over your living partner. I’m sorry you can’t understand the difference, or don’t want to.

  12. I just bought an inflatable wedge for this very purpose – I did not have a chance to try it yet, but the reviews are great. Is is like the Liberator wedge, but inflatable and cheaper. They have different shapes and sizes, maybe you'll find some that helps you.

  13. I think the bigger issue is “you can’t give me blue balls and leave, you have to finish what you started.” No means no. I can quit when I want and leave whenever I want.

  14. 30 Female with 33 Husband Husband is nice DID want it rougher HAD a routine Also bad at romance at times I think I would be same spot if husband same. Husband also a little neurodivergent took a little understanding on that.

  15. This general topic is discussed occasionally in our forum. Please also take some time to search through past r/sex posts (following Forum Rule #3) — you’ll find some additional helpful discussions. The r/sex forum's HUGE archive of past posts is a tremendous resource for people who have all kinds of common questions regarding sexual matters. Searching those posts for relevant discussions will definitely help you here as well.


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