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  1. And what I said was it’s not cut and dry like you said. It’s not medical condition or no foreplay. Before going chicken little that a woman must have a medical issue, I’d look at what time of the month it is, and like you said the obvious one is lack of foreplay. But, the time of the month is equally important.

  2. A guy goes to the doctor. The doctor says “what’s the problem?” The guys says, “Doc, every morning I wake up and I make love to my wife. I carpool to work with a woman and we always pull over and have sex on the way to work. Mid morning I meet up with another woman from work and we have sex in the supply closet. At lunch I meet my mistress in a hotel room. Every afternoon is the reverse: Supply closet, drive home and stop for sex, get home, and I fuck my wife again. The doctor says, “That’s amazing. So what’s the problem?” The guy says, “Doc, it hurts when I masturbate”


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