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  1. That's fine for one or a couple of nights, but I know a handful of couples where that takes place every night for the last 1-2 years or even more. In one case the guy has stopped trying, because he knows beforehand he'll get rejected. I 100% agree that you can't force it in any way, but getting rejected day in day out is not fun either.

  2. that’s because it is! he’s turned your relationship into a transactional one. don’t let him use you. you’re in school doing great things for yourself. just realize that for a moment. you’re planning a very challenging but rewarding future for yourself and on top of all of your stress, he’s making you fuck him and blow him even when you clearly don’t want to. this is not a relationship. at least not on his part. i understand you love him, but take this from someone who has been used before — get out before you get complacent. you’ll be surprised how much lighter you feel emotionally and mentally. you deserve a better boyfriend.

  3. From my experience I would suggest you to anticipate his forward motion and imitate him by lifting your pelvis. A couple strokes and you'll get the rhythm.

  4. I relate to this a lot. I think it’s important you try to separate yourself from the narrative porn creates because sex with someone you love will be nothing like it. I have also had that feeling of kind of being an object in sex and not a receiver when for most women we are perfectly allowed to feel good too

  5. You’ll be fine. Don’t overthink it or you might ruin your erection. Just enjoy it. We all fumble and fuck things up occasionally, but we learn what works for us. Enjoy.

  6. Yeah. Annoys me that the best option we have is to just try things out and see if they make us feel like shit or not

  7. doesn't fantasize while doing it 🤯 Wow. I appreciate your candour, I just never even conceived of that before. Thanks!

  8. I can't see any other reason but her being scared of losing you because, if you stopped trying, that means you don't care about yourself anymore either. She may lack sexual appetite, she doesn't lack the sense of you. Anyway, I'm really sorry for you. The sad thing is that you obviously love this person a lot, or you wouldn't have tried so hard and so many things in these years – so it's double pain. the both of you are seeing / have seen therapists, so it's not my place to say or suggest anything that you haven't already heard, probably lots of times. I've often read on reddit that long-term couples in the very same situation as you and your partner eventually decide to have sex with other people – a sort of open relationship – because if you can't change a situation, you can always scale it back. How would this sound for you?

  9. Nothing wrong with being female and knowing what you want out of a relationship. And that being a sexual relationship. That being said, I am of the opinion connecting emotionally as well as sexually at the start of a relationship is important. Don't underplay your sexuality, but also show other sides of yourself. Talk about your physical and intellectual interests outside of sex. I think sex positivity is great. But I also think at the start of a relationship, if you're overly focused on your sexuality if can give off vibes that you're less concerned about an emotional long term relationship. I give this advice on the BDSM subreddit a lot. A lot of kinky people start off with their kinks. And while there is nothing wrong with that, it can make them seem one dimensional. My advice is always start with the connection, and then quickly discuss sexual compatibility after a date or two. Nothing wrong with your way of being sex forward. Just my two cents on how to maybe get guys to take you more seriously.

  10. Throw down a towel under her when you do oral, then when ur done, just wipe her with it and take it off the bed, and there will be no wet spot on the bed.

  11. I think it can happen with literally anything you love. Making sure to balance time away is just as important so you can maintain your creativity and passion.

  12. But why dont women mastubated to male bodies? Why are they only romantically attracted to men but not sexually? Its just sex and breeding I use women for, if they have no interest looking at mens bodies and are more aroused by naked women then I aint going to love them. I think many men should adopt the same attitude as well.

  13. 1 to 4 is a massive variety – 4 times a week would be a LOT. Once a week is generally average for most couples. If you're hitting 4 times a week he's unlikely to find someone he both likes and that has a higher libido than you do.

  14. I’ll let you know if he does in fact being low on T. His cholesterol was high at his last physical which maybe could be a contributing factor too? About 15 lbs overweight right now, but he’s adamantly working on it. Stupid men, he’ll walk like a block for a week and the weight will be gone 😆 I hope we can find a solution for our guys because I seriously could go 3 times a day 😂


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