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  1. Kinda normal. It’s always changing a lil bit. Ups and downs just like life. Same can be with horniness. Check you’re diet. Slow down the booze. Slow down the cigs. Slow down the weed. Just suggestions Idk you. Drink plenty of water. But it could be a sign of something. But you could just be tired and dehydrated. If you are waking up without morning wood for awhile. I would talk to a doc. And it more than likely would just be a testosterone thing. Not a ton to worry about. But you know your body.

  2. Wait, some people actually get pain? I've never had that, just thought it meant “being a baby about being horny”.

  3. I think that line is like anything. When it becomes disrupting to your life and relationships. If it'd hurting your ability to function and keeping you from doing other things you want to or damaging relationships. At least that how it was explained to me. Daily jiller here.

  4. If they aren't that interested in sex, maybe ask them if there is something you can do to make sex more pleasurable for them so they will be.

  5. No. You may want to talk to someone, cause you sound a tad insecure. I'll put it to you like this; is there any guy good enough that while watching a movie and a super attractive dude appears, you wouldn't think “mmm wow he's hot”?

  6. I have spent the last 17 years as the prudish boring woman in my relationship, and this last year has been transformational. I owe this transformation to intensive trauma healing, trauma that I didn’t even realize I was carrying with me. I have been doing talk therapy, emdr, and body work, not with the intention of having a sexual transformation, but to deal with sexual trauma from my childhood. I once thought I might simply be asexual. Through this therapy journey I have come to feel incredibly safe in my body, and as a result safe to be sexual, curious, and joyfully experimental. I can’t speak for anyone but myself but feeling safe has transformed everything for me.

  7. Make him drink more water. Don’t hesitate to edge him a little. It Will be more watery. You could Also let him cum outside then take him mid-orgasm. There will be less semen 🙂

  8. We are in that same position, this relation won't stand. Sex is a major part of a relation between man and woman. Without it could be a brother sister relation. He might seem that he's OK with it now, but in a few years this will undermine the relation. After 20 years of marriage or relation is not healthy man-woman. This will be the same for yours.

  9. My husband and I live together in a very small one bed one bath apartment and when I want some alone time I literally say “I’m going to have a bath and some alone time do you need the bathroom?” And he goes “Nope have FuUuuUn 😘” And if you can’t just freely say what you want / need then y’all really need to have a heart to heart on how to talk to one another to get your needs met.

  10. It really depends on the person. I had a partner who I met online that was super sex positive. Very talkative about everything sex. That continued in IRL when we dated. And for quite a while back online when we stopped seeing each other. Some people are more sexty, other more clinical. But I do feel like maybe 1/3 of my partners haven't really been super into talking about sex. Or it fades after you're been having sex for a while and get into a pattern.


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