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  1. I don’t know. My body just is the way it is, and it never even occurred to me that it was different than anybody else’s.

  2. He shouldn't need your permission to masturbate, but also shouldn't pester you for sex when you aren't in the mood. You need to have a good discussion with him on boundaries and expectations on sex.

  3. 2-3 times a month is a good amount of sex, that's over 1000 times a year, this dude seems like a nut. Tell him to jerk off lol

  4. Is it true though that if you’re an attractive woman and men try to be your friend that they really only want one thing? Or to be more than friends? I know it’s not in every situation, but let’s say the majority of the time? I’m almost 40 and I still can’t figure this one out. I’ve been told this by SO many men and boyfriends.. spoken to men I actually trust not to just have these kinds of ideas because they’re jealous. I think it’s probably the case for men or women but more likely men. Like,a guy isn’t going to invest deeply into just a friendship if a woman is attractive to him. There’s usually ulterior motives. I’m asking as a question not as an argument.

  5. This is repulsive. I physically recoiled when I saw 9 days If you can’t practically leave, and have tried everything to reason with him, I think you’re entitled to some recompense. This is one of those situations where I feel it’s perfectly fine to shame someone. Reach out to friends or family for assistance. Tell them he’s too busy to be able to pick up the slack and you are in too much pain recovering to do much. Make him watch as a parade of people waltz through and treat you the way he should be treating you. Make him suffer their polite sneers and thinly veiled jabs while all he fixates on is his wiener. Show your children that asking for help does not make you weak. Finally: Never fuck that man again.

  6. This. 100%. or Thank her. It takes practice to do it, and it means she really wants you to enjoy her. or Kiss her and moan and keep thrusting. or You could also try flexing your cock inside her (you may have to practice to build the muscles first) and see whether she gets enjoyment from that.

  7. she absolutely hates the clean up and more often then not says no to anal/butt stuff solely because of it Then offer to do the cleanup yourself so she doesn't have to worry about. After we do anal stuff, I take off the sheets, throw them in the laundry and then re-make the bed when that's done. If it's the lube on herself that she struggles with, Dawn dish soap works really well for getting it off your skin. We keep a bottle in our bathroom for lube cleaning.

  8. Not knowing how girthy he is, hard to say. Sound like you are doing everything right. If it is a girth issue, try a vaginal dilator set, they increase in girth and length.

  9. Who talked about frequency? You did it seems. Lmao you literally try to find justification and legitimacy in letting insecurities eat you up. Good luck with that unhealthy af habit.

  10. So, female here and my personal opinion: I like mine to be waxed (I go every 5 weeks for a Brazilian) and then I have them leave a lil landing strip. So it’s maintained, but still a little bit of hair. I have super sensitive skin and letting it grow out actually hurts and causes me to break out in that area lol. As far as female partners go… I’ve always been fine with a bit of hair. I’d never reject someone based on the amount of hair they have on their coochie. But preference wise, I’d say about the same. Just maintained. Really just as long as she’s comfy… either way, imma eat it 😛.


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