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  1. That’s awful! I would never shame anyone for that. Poop comes out of you butt if your going to be down there you should be able to deal with shit.

  2. Yeah, I wasn’t planning on using them for sex. Didn’t give me the peace of mind. I was a little more concerned about whether they’d give me an infection though.

  3. Have you tried a water based lube and maybe the non latex ones? I think they are called polyisoprene? I use the Skyn ones because they come in a variety of sizes and thickness and honestly I never felt like I was dried out.

  4. you both sound very young, the best advice I can give you is put your cards on the table from jump next time.

  5. Fantasies are not reality. And that's a damn good thing, because I've worked in customer service before and would have been in prison by now for all the effed up things I've thought.

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  7. Why do you not enjoy receiving? Is it to do with guilt over having your partner doing something while you can't reciprocate? Do you feel she's only doing it to please you, and that it's a chore for her? Or are you uncomfortable receiving anything in general life – like do you hate being the centre of attention? Whatever the reason is will dictate how to approach overcoming this.

  8. Why would you marry a guy that you haven’t had sex with ? If he doesn’t like oral either, did y’all just kiss until you got married? That sounds awful and if you’re not sexually compatible, DIVORCE!


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