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  1. “Turns out she was slept at another guys place during the week, and they've been chatting very sexually, and nudes were even exchanged. But I'm not sure if she actually cheated!” Seriously!!! Here's your proof she cheated on you. What more do you need? Look, you have 2 options most of us have: you stay and let her keep cheating and degrade you with comments and be a doormat. OR You leave the ungrateful cheater and find yourself a woman who values you and treats you with love. What kind of relationship do you want to have?

  2. Yes!! Considered temperature play? Wife is loving how we put some whiskey stones to use. Got some massage candles we have to try still. Evie Lupine has a great YouTube vid on temp play options.

  3. Yes, I used to be with a person that didn't floss, she had terrible morning breath. I tried to get her to floss and an anti-bacterial mouthwash before bed and in the morning the morning breath was basically non-existent. Too bad she was too lazy to actually keep doing it, oh and she used to get a lot of cavities, so go figure…

  4. I honestly don't believe there's a single person you could be with where you would consistently have a high libido and high levels of sexual attraction to them all of the time. Life happens and sexual attraction goes up and down. Don't throw your relationship away because of this. It can come back. Its understandable to worry but I think people don't talk about the fact that these phases happen with everyone who are in very long term relationships at some point in life. Physiological changes happen, life events happen, a bunch of stuff happens that affects it. It's normal. I suppose the point where you consider leaving is when you both stop having sex for significant ammount of time and you are unhappy about it and there's no sign of being able to rectify it.

  5. I would very much advise you join a kink community, talk to some domme women or gay men. Often even if they can't help you with your specific fantasy they have resources specifically for that. Also they can give you ideas for new things!

  6. We have nothing to do today, so my husband and I have already had sex twice, and it's not even noon. In a while, we're gonna go out and run some errands, have some lunch, and come home and probably do it a third time

  7. I understand what you are saying in general terms. My point here is that in the specific case on anal play, I feel like the risks are significantly lower than are portrayed.

  8. Sounds like you have a need to be in charge! You may have this desire to be in control and take power over someone because you have felt controlled at some point in your life. Maybe not necessarily sexually controlled but you definitely need to feel the sense of power. Bondage is cool but what if your partner gets tired of it?

  9. Crying during sex is very common. Up to 40% of all women cry during or after sex. This is called postcoital dysphoria. If you felt good about the sex but then suddenly very irritable, then it is most likely just a biological response to hormones released during and shortly after sex. Do you have a history of trauma?

  10. Idk about 'no woman', dated a girl in college who could get off in seconds, and multiple times in minutes. Shit was awesome, did numbers for my ego

  11. Also I have past sexual trauma as well but I can promise you it's totally different when your willing and madly in love with the person who is doming you then someone you don't want to do it I thought my trauma was gonna effect mine and my man sexual fantasies as well and it hasn't one bit

  12. While the prevalence of female on male sexual coercion lower than male on female, it is not rare. You don't hear about it much as it is not socially acceptable to talk about it, so not a lot of people post about it either. Don't beat yourself up over it and find some professional to work all this stuff through.

  13. My fiancé did this too, his reasoning was because during sex it’s hard for him to see what’s all happening down there, so if he uses a dildo on me (or if he watches me use it) he gets to watch in full detail. To him it’s hot and turns him on. He got a bigger dildo than he is because he has a jealousy kink and likes to imagine that I prefer bigger dicks. Something about watching me take a bigger than him dildo is a huge turn on for him. Now just because that’s how it works for my fiancé doesn’t mean that’s how it works for yours. Just ask him why he wants to watch you ride a bigger dildo, you might learn a thing or 2.

  14. Some people just don't like blood. It makes them squeamish. It makes them faint. My husband got a vasectomy and didn't wait for the recommended recovery period. He saw blood from his stitches and passed out. And it was his own blood. And usually it's men who can't stand the sight of blood. Women see it every month.

  15. the irony is that he is denying himself pleasure as well – and tons of it – and he has no idea about that either

  16. I don’t know how to approach it because I asked her what she would have done if one of the three nights before she said no and I said stop being a little bitch and all she said was you wouldn’t do that I don’t know really what I’m feeling right now is this what happens it’s going to be when she wants it and only when she wants it

  17. Thank you. Best I can do is try a discreet hospital and pay cash, though. I can’t really afford to leave the country.


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