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4 thoughts on “Brujalunaked live sex chat

  1. When the first thing you started was judging his age and her age I literally understood how worthless this comment would be. And about the 3rd one, actual sexual harassment isn’t the answer to this question. You don’t know the context and are rushing to conclusions.

  2. However long it takes. My SO finds it hard to cum from oral so I like to take my time and get her all crazy before we do anything else.

  3. For me, usually yes. If she’s about to cum and she tells me that or starts moaning louder then I can generally time my orgasms to coincide with hers. But that also involves clit stimulation as well. What I hate is when women cum and I have no idea she did because she stayed silent. Sex isn’t supposed to be a clean or quiet endeavor. The messier and louder it is, the more of a turn on it is.


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