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  1. The only way to be sure is if he texts you back and wants to see you aga. Keep yourself busy with other things in the meantime.

  2. Yes, it’s untruthful because you’re not a virgin. Words have meaning. We can’t decide that they suddenly don’t because it works well for our narrative. You’re not a bad person for your experiences though, and it’s okay to feel regret. It’s one of the ways we learn things in life.

  3. Thanks bro. I hope your hotel plan worked out btw. We do have conversations about this, and they usually end with her saying she’s not fussed about penetration. But I think she’s just being kind, as the day after she might make a comment about me randomly taking her from behind. She’s a very sexual and successful lady but just seems to love me for me, which is great. But I want is us to have an awesome sex life and for me to get to a place where I can relax and enjoying everything we have without the gut wrenching feeling of sexual stress.

  4. Had some kinks. Tried being a 50 shades wanna be. Couldn't get anywhere even with women that advertised being receptive. Decided to try active listening and utterly expectation and judgment free communication instead. Imagine my shock when the most “vanilla” women you could think of. Suddenly decided being tied up blindfolded and menaced with a wand suddenly sounded like a great time. Funny that.

  5. Also I believe that lotions should be avoided on Areas such as the neck is neck-licking is going to be involved

  6. Nah I’m a Bull I’ve seen husbands eat mine out they’re wives while her and I kiss and they love it. I keep telling me you hit that shit right they do anything. Once you get ‘‘em to squirt they’re hooked

  7. Thanks, I appreciate your advice and concern. When we were first dating and trying to have sex she did have a problem where she just physically wouldn't loosen up and most kinds of foreplay were uncomfortable for her, which sounds like a condition I looked up called “vaginismus” but she seems to have completely gotten over that recently. Maybe she still has some lingering sexual health issues.

  8. It wasnt ended on my terms but in a way im glad cos if he had of stayed away the noght i probably would of told her i loved her.

  9. It would be easier to list the exercises that wouldn't help at least a little bit honestly. But you're looking for anything that's engaging your pelvic floor and the accompanying muscles. Barbell squat is obviously going to be the golden calf here it's engaging pretty much every muscle in your pelvic floor a good part of your core and your thighs and calves. Weighted lunges and crunches great for keeping your core conditioned as well. If you wanted suggestion for more of a one and done exercise squats and deadlifts for sure. For something you don't need a gym to do heel slides and toe taps are also really good. They're going to be probably the exercises used most by pelvic floor therapists. Kegels as well obviously

  10. As someone who isn’t married but eventually wants to be I hope it doesn’t physical intimacy and sex are so important to me

  11. Don't be in a hurry. A longer forelay can increase your body's natural lubrication. Has she tried using Dildo before? Dildo can be a great way to help reach orgasm. Plus, the great news is that dildos come in different sizes. I can recommend buying at HisTipp. I really love it, and it is very realistic.

  12. I can't tell you what they are and I'm not sure why you think random redditors will know when a doctor didn't convince you and we can't even see the bumps. That said, remember to keep in mind that Herpes is not often tested for so that means neither you nor your sexual partners can likely guarantee that they don't have Herpes. Keep an eye on any outbreaks and be sure to ask sexual partners if they have ever had any outbreaks of an HSV like nature.

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  14. Just clean up after yourself and you’re fine. My parents found out I was shaving down there when I left a bowl of pubes in the toilet and forgot to flush lol.

  15. Mix the two! Masturbate or play with your clit during the act. Also, when you orgasm solo, is it with a vibrator? Extensive use of vibrators can alter the sensation needed to get to an orgasm.

  16. can you teach me how you became psychic and or gained the ability to feel other people's physical sensations?

  17. Condoms do decrease pleasure, and for some men it can eliminate it almost completely. Unfortunately that's just how it is; you're physically dampening the sensations your penis feels, there's no way around it. If there's no other birth control options available (maybe try female condoms?), your options are to deal with it and not feel much, or not have PIV sex. You can still get each other off in other ways, though.

  18. And one other thing, don't worry that you used toys. Men are lucky in that we don't need toys, our hand works just fine. Women need toys, and (most) men totally understand that.


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