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  1. If you’ve ever had a massage you’ll know that “warm tingling” sensation you get when the masseuse hits the muscle with the right pressure. It is hard to describe but it feels good, right? This is as close as I can get to approximating the sensation of pushing into hot wet pussy the first time. My cock and lower abdomen fill up with this warm tingling sensation. Then it’s all heightened with the physical sensations of arms and legs and kissing as well as the scents and sounds of my partner. Everything starts to feel connected. As intercourse continues this warm tingling sensation will vary in intensity as speed and rhythm changes. But pretty much the entire time during sex I’m calibrating these sensations for maximum pleasure to build my orgasm, holding the peak sensation as long as possible. It’s a delicate balance of course because I’m also considering my partner’s pleasure as well. So listening and talking (dirty) helps me understand where to go next. I’m convinced that the general orgasm for both sexes is basically the same sensation however more intense for women. For a guy though to try and describe it. You know when you scratch an itch that needs scratching? The above warm tingling sensation turns into a more intense “scratch my itch” sensation but for my cock. Greater thrusting speed and power make the “scratch” feel really good. And when I cum it’s like my entire body is invested in pushing my cock as deep as possible and more. The involuntary pulsing of my cock while cumming connects to my abdomen pulsing and my butt pulsing — just to get as deep as I can. And then I’m usually pretty winded and hot and sweaty and ecstatic and relieved and giggly all at once. Blowjobs are similar in the warm tingling sensation but different in that it’s happening passively. As the guy I’m used to being the initiator of sex and of my pleasure derived by “fucking”. So the contrast of being able to sit back and enjoy the waves of warm tingling pleasure as they are being controlled by my partner is awesome. A good blowjob is a practice of the art of edging. Everybody gives a different blow job. the arc of a blowjob is always different. It’s almost as reliable as a fingerprint. More individually unique than sex imo. So much of a person’s sexual character is revealed during a blowjob. Pro tip. Don’t forget to include searching hands as part of the blowjob. The warm tingling sensations will seem to follow your hands as you touch your partner while sucking him off.

  2. If you are like me, you just want back in return what you yourself give to your partner. In my case, it was a form of manipulation. I craved just basic signs of affection, like rubbing my back or a simple hug for no reason. In the end, I was emotionally staved.

  3. Nah they only commented on the blowjob while he was playing thingy. I think 2 of the girls had had period sex not 1000% sure tho.


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