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  1. I have them first on their stomach and focus on their neck, shoulders, back and butt. Then I have them turn around and focus on that side. usually I focus on the massage and teasing first. Then I move to pleasing and edging next. And when I feel like I had enough fun, I move on to the climaxes.

  2. Removed polling post. Please read our rules and posting guidelines. If we have to remove multiple posts by you because you keep breaking our rules, we're likely to ban.

  3. we have already talked about it several times, to be honest. he showed me how he does it and no matter how hard I try, it doesn't work out so well to the point of causing him orgasm. he is undoubtedly not the problem because he is not angry with me or smth like that, he has a lot of patience in this!

  4. Always takes me a while to get comfortable with a new partner. Building trust is Important and seeing if my partner wants to put in the effort into making me cum. Also I usually need a bit of extra help from a vibrator


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