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  1. Sometimes I'm so shy my face gets red and I have to cover it while they're going down on me 😅 other times it's too good to be shy and I'm lost in the ecstacy lol

  2. Sorry. She's bored of sex with you. When you leave she will 100% have some rebound sex and then continue her life.

  3. Good group sex is logistically complicated! Idk about you but when I first started having sex (with one person) it often felt awkward. Messy. Self conscious. Sometimes I felt weird after, or disappointed. Now imagine those feelings compounded, because you have more people involved. Think about how you relate to your BF and the other person. How your BF relates to the two of you. How the other person feels. If you want good group sex you need to be willing to practice, bc it takes some different skill sets. To be clear, I love group play. Definitely not aiming to discourage!

  4. I'll try approach it in some other way. I know that i cant push her, but i hoped by talking about it, it would change her way of thinking. If she can somehow change her way of thinking and not focus on the action but more on the happines you give the other person, maybe it would change. Like i gave her the example of driving her late at night, so she would not have to take a train. Do i like to drive 1hour around? No but seeing the smile on your face and the feeling that you are happy you don't have to take the train so late in the rain makes me want to do this. You get what i mean?

  5. If you want to make your boyfriend feel fucking fantastic, just randomly kneel down in front of him and give him a blow job. A great initiation to sex and honestly something he will think about all the time. My wife randomly initiated a blow job while walking up our basement steps and I still fantasize about it….it happened at least 4 years ago.

  6. I feel talking about it is disrespectful to the partner, first and foremost. I never asked for permission to talk about what I did with someone in bed. So, I never talk about it. The MOST I may do is talk about specific experiences in a very abstract way, without telling names or anything. Although those conversations are rare; they often show up if someone has an issue or something. So it’s more talk about the experience, not the people.

  7. I have read your responses about how you can't get a gyno just yet, so I know you're stuck with that doctor for now. I want you to know that yours is a common problem all over the world – people (including doctors) don't believe women when they have medical concerns. There are really grim articles out there with anecdotes from women who are treated like they're crazy for wanting to change positions when giving birth, change prescriptions, change doctors etc. Basically, health care is a place where female autonomy is resisted. Your situation is a prime example. It's up to you to be more aggressive, possibly even demanding!, when you talk to this doctor. You can be your own advocate, and you have to, no one is there to give you what you need- just what they think you need. Be a bitch, be a thorn, be harsh- it's your body, and you have to fight to take care of it!

  8. I’ll be honest, don’t like it when a guy can’t come during sex. Yes it doesn’t make you feel good, makes you feel like they aren’t turned on or enjoying it enough. Also makes me think they have a death grip and watch too much porn or masturbate too much. BUT all that being said, if they told me up front about it that it was a psychological issue they were working through in therapy, I would be understanding and receptive to that. So I think communication is key to avoid any issues.

  9. He is right though, but only because he is thinking in a state of higher morals. If it is only insecurity then it looks the same but then he needs to work on it .

  10. This post has been removed. OP would be better served to see a trained therapist for what appears to be a series of assaults over the recent past.

  11. Everyone is different. I am a high libido female in my mid 40s and I crave my husband 3-5 times a week. We've been married a long time with 2 children. When you want sex, you make it happen.

  12. Missionary, pillow under the bum so you're kneeling in front and not on top of her. That should clear the way using fingers or a toy on the clit. Your thrusts also hit a little nicer on the inside.


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