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  1. One thing that sucks about dating is getting to know someone, getting attached, and then finding out that the sex is bad. It's kind of disappointing and makes leaving the person in pursuit of a more fulfilling sexual relationship more difficult. So instead, a lot of people fuck first, and when they find what they want/like, then they try to pursue the deeper ties.

  2. Umm wtf. As a female I'm either turned on right away or not going too. 45 min's? There is a ton of crap I can do in 45 min's. Like take 5 to 10 for foreplay then let's get to it. Maybe because it's so easy for me to come that it's not a big issue. But 45 for warm up and 45 for the deed. Yeah I'd wanna stop and go to sleep also. Rather be a fuck toy than bored out of my mind.

  3. I think many guys like girls being vocal during sex. I don't mean that you have to scream but moaning and maybe saying some dirty things might work. Also let him know when you are about to cum, I am sure he will want to hear that he is doing it right. Eye contact during oral sex is also a big turn on for many men I think. Lastly, I would suggest you to initiate the sex when you are in the mood to show him how horny you are and how much you want him


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