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  1. If I remember correctly, you can’t get sick from ingesting your own gut flora. Given that, so long as you had fun and it was consensual, which it sounds like yes and yes, go for it!

  2. Are you more masculine in your personality? The reason a flat chest isn't a deal breaker for me, even though it's a turn off and not my preference, is because I'm a huge ass-man. There's a lot I can overlook if has big ass, hips, and thighs with a small waist.

  3. Most times in such a scenario I would give a long, drawn out response. But in this case it's simple – how much do you like this guy outside of the sex? If you feel a real connection and would be very enthusiastic if things were better in bed I'd say stick it out a bit longer. As hard as it may be to believe right now, he might actually improve. Otherwise, though, there's no reason to drag things out. You don't have to say it's because of the sex, just say he's nice but after 6+ months you're not feeling you have long term compatibility.

  4. My wife. Not a fan of it. So right near the end. She uses Saran Wrap. I get to do my thing. She doesn’t gag. Win win

  5. Your mindset has been twisted so you aren't thinking for yourself. This abuse goes away deeper than just the daily forced blowjobs. Your responses are stereotypical for this kind of abuse – you are tiptoeing around the issue while making jokes and excuses for your boyfriend. Everything you have said about him is such a huge red flag that the fact that you don't see it is extremely alarming. The fact that you have put up with this behavior implies you have a very damaged sense of self worth and you should probably seek professional help, right after you break up with this manipulative piece of shit. “I'll work on setting boundaries and see how he reacts” WRONG. Your boundaries have nothing to do with him. You decide whether or not you want to give two blowjobs a day. You tell him the boundaries, and if he ignores them, it's rape and you call the police to have him locked away so the abuse can hopefully end with you.

  6. Us women tend to be more emotional with sex and for men, its usually just physical. I however think he is selfish that he dismissed your desires. You might just not be sexually compatible.

  7. Start with a good vibrator and clitoral stimulation. When you are super turned on add a bit of penetration. Don’t force it. Just shallow in and out. Focus more on reaching orgasm then how far in you are getting it. Over time it will get deeper and deeper. Treat it like a marathon not a sprint. Lol. Getting off is the ultimate goal.

  8. It can be pretty terrible. There have been times where I felt like I'd rather just not have sex than try with a condom and neither of us be able to orgasm. It was so bad that on a few occasions I'd just go raw if the girl would let me. Myone custom fit condoms made sex with a condom good enough that I don't feely tempted by unprotected sex anymore.

  9. You are young so your sex drive is high, she is also your gf and the person you are sexually attracted to. There is nothing abnormal. I have been married for 15yrs and still spend a good part of the week trying to get into my wife’s panties. A lot of times I fail and I masturbate, when I succeed, it’s always amazing sex. Make sure you are doing other things in your relationship and aside from the sex thoughts, ask yourself how you feel in other aspects of your relationship with her and make sure she is happy and so are you. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to her about it, which it seems like you have. But the most important part, and I cannot stress this enough, respect her decision on it. If you can’t, then you know the Reddit response, which is move on.

  10. Why dont you get on a dating app and promote that your a 25 yo vergin and your looking for a woman to burst your bubble. It could possibly attract an older freeky chick that would get off on seeing you squrm and probably shoot your load to early. Could take some performance pressure off you and would be a hell of a story.


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