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  2. Omg do it, it's “only in movies” because a lot of people wouldn't even put in this amount of effort. Imagine getting an experience that's like out of a movie scene, that's what you'd be giving him.

  3. I’m fine with once in awhile sex without cumming, it’s still fun and enjoyable. Only if it became a pattern where I never came! Then I would lose desire. Usually both partners cumming is the best result, but even sometimes we have had sex where my bf didn’t cum, and he still enjoyed himself.

  4. I’ve always used condoms with casual hookup/ONS and swinging but with long term partners only occasionally. It’s just not worth the risk and potential problems that can happen

  5. Be careful cops are always looking at suspicious or abandoned cars in parking lots. I will suggest public parking with a few cars and go for it. You have tinted windows and I'm sure nobody is going to be nosy and check your car, people can get in trouble for that.

  6. Okay dumb question, but when girls freshen up, what are they really doing? And does it make that much of an impact to where it would be akin to fresh and clean?

  7. I’m 37M and have nephews and spend a lot of time with younger men in their early 20s. (I’m a shitty comedian so it comes with the territory). And I can honestly say, young men today, from what I can tell are at least 100% better than we were when we were that age. Yes they have all the porn but they also have levels of accountability that none of us ever had. I remember managers fucking underage girls AT WORK, dude specifically getting women drunk to take advantage. Etc etc. I don’t see any of that shit anymore. At least not the most egregious.


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