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  1. Yeah, and it has helped a bit, but it's still more on the once a week instead of every other week. It is hard indeed, cause I really love him otherwise 🙁

  2. Does it really matter ? Do you have sex with your clothes on ? Why is he embarrassed, If you can't be naked around your partner, who can you be ? I am typing this out laying in bed naked right now.

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  4. Upvote. It's bound to make you unhappy, even if you are successful like it did with Dave Mustaine with his successful band Megadeth which he founded after being kicked out of his other band, to which he compared his success. Unfortunately for Mustaine, that other band was Metallica. Go out of your own strength, your own needs.

  5. To me this is a mishap that can happened to anyone.. not normal or fine don’t speak for me. Your not only claiming it’s inappropriate behavior your claiming that the mother set her son up for it. Your claiming this is how abuse is normalized.

  6. Maybe his real kink is sadism and he's too embarrassed to admit it Or they simply have the common view in culture that the man's sexual desires have more importance than the woman's comfort


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