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  1. I sat at a table while 3 female family nurse practitioners argued about the safety of coconut oil as lube. There was no concensus. Ask your pcp or ob/gyn.

  2. Most women have a hard time having vaginal orgasms. NY wife used to get them when we first started dating, after a few years they become extinct. So now you have to figure out how to bring the clit to the PIV party. Reach arounds, vibrator, toys… Give it a shot. Remember… Real sex doesn't look like porn. A lot of people need to have sex in a way that, if filmed, would be as exciting as watching someone eat cereal.

  3. You need to chill out man. You'll know what it's like when a woman decides to share that experience with you. Nothing less than that will satisfy you and the more you fixate and obsess over it, the less likely it is to happen.

  4. From personal experience, make sure your partner is actually clear and not just “pretty sure”, some people get checked once in a blue moon and claim to be clear and welp… they aren’t. also, some people are asymptomatic but still carry stds, so they don’t even know. just make sure y’all are clear for sure.

  5. Im blind as shit (-6.00 and -5.75) i can see about 2-3 inches and never wear my glasses. Never have problems but my partners obviously know im blind sonits not a big deal.

  6. Could be as simple as she used to think you're attractive, but nothing more, like acknowledging the weather. And when you brought the girl home, she could have heard her moans and that made her think of you in a sexual way. Especially if the girl was loudly showing her appreciation 😏

  7. I figured out I'm gay but I have a cock fetish. No anal, no kissing just love cocks and balls and cum shots. I have a fantastic wife but she doesn't know about this fetish. She knows I'm into threesomes but she doesn't not want to partake. She told me have fun and go be me. Works for us

  8. Just wanna say first, I personally don’t fetishize virgins and welcome everyone to find sexual fulfillment, but to mock guys who don’t want experienced woman is hilarious. “Women want men with a future, men want women without a past.” There is nothing shameful about men desiring to date/marry a woman w a lower body count in the same vein as women want men to be tall and wealthy and successful. Having lots of casual sex of course does not decrease your value as a person or human being in any sense, but to act like it wouldn’t disqualify you from some romantic prospects (more conservative leaning) is just flat out incorrect. Sex is a fun activity to some people or an intimate bonding experience to others, our views just differ. But to OP, a lot of guys won’t openly say it bc they would get shamed, but ultimately it’s completely your decision what you want to do. I remember having that same insecurity and rushing into a relationship and sex. If you wanna have fun now and experience one of humans’ greatest pleasures, go for it. If you wanna find a special guy who loves you to share that special moment with, that’s cool too. Either way stay safe and use protection, best of luck.

  9. My ears stick out significantly and my son has inherited the same trait. I was always made fun of in school and my dad always told me that chick's dig it lol. I can't wait to teach my son the same things when he's older.

  10. Well that’s your problem right there! Masturbation is quick and easy way to reduce stress or just have fun. Sometimes people just want something quick that doesn’t require an entire hour start to finish including taking off clothes and worrying about the other person there… they just want the release. Try it a couple times, leave your clothes on, you’ll see the attraction. That said: this man’s masturbation has nothing to do with you or your body or anything… it’s just masturbation.

  11. Okay, thank for your reply. So if I try to repost but reword things would that be fine??? I just wanted to get opinions on this topic. I'm sorry I'm still learning about Reddit posts I haven't made that many posts

  12. I would break up and block him. He's already pushing you to change your life to his whims Then wanting to violently R-word you in a situation where you can't get away = FLEE THE BUILDING travel the world, wear crop tops, be happy.

  13. Have a heap of conversation around setting up scenes and roleplay it over many times until its how you like it. You both become actors playing out the role how you want it, until he learns what you want.

  14. I use to have this but I just grabbed some conditioner every day and started to pull my foreskin back w a lot of conditioner on it until it expanded. Took me like a week

  15. Not sure if such a thing is available where you are, but I know that there are some sort of sex mentoring for couples, where a trained psychologist will guide you two how to overcome the issue (how to get over his fear, what to do to make you finish quicker, etc.). Not sure if IC can help him overcome his fear… I am a strong believer in “where's a will, there's a way”…! Good luck!

  16. Sounds like a very tough situation. Almost unsalvageable. Both of you should walk away and work on yourselves first.

  17. Yup. I have an INCREDIBLY hard time believing my boyfriend when he says I’m sexy and beautiful and all that. Still working on it on my own so I don’t have any advice for you. Sorry but good luck! 🥰🥰🥰

  18. It happened to me about a year and a half ago. I brushed it aside as well because it took a while for the pain and scar tissue etc to build. It got worse and I wish I would've seen a doc about it. Wrote a pretty long post about this very thing a few days back.

  19. Eh. This isn’t true. Consent absolutely can be given while drunk. If you as a drunk person can still actively engage in the act then you consented. Basically if say I as a drunk guy actively decide hey I’m going to go down on her. Even if she’s totally sober and I’m hammered. I consented. The line for not being able to consent is like so drunk you don’t actually understand what’s going on.

  20. Sounds like my sisters crybaby insecure ex boyfriend 🙄 would literally break up with her if he couldn't get sex 24 7n that's what you're dating a man child lol and that's the future u have to look forward too🤷🏼I wish u best of luck


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