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  1. I really feel too that a creampie in missionary when you're both going hard like that is on another level. So damn good

  2. Just begin the conversation with something to do with the topic and see his reaction. An example could be by mentioning a porn video (or article) about squirting you came across recently

  3. I get that and I’m not suggesting divorce. The problem is that the unhappy feelings or feelings of unfairness in your sex life can build and impact your marriage. This is a part of your marriage and humanity where you deserve to at least speak up for yourself with honesty.

  4. Hmmm. Stealthing is rape. Lying to someone to get them to have sex with them can easily be rape. But cumming inside them as part of consensual sex isn't going to map to “automatic rape” in many (most?) circumstances. It's not smart, but in this sort of context, assuming this is in the US, most guys fucking a woman who didn't bring up the idea of condoms at any stage are going to assume she's on BC and not unreasonably so. Not to mention that even pulling out doesn't always avoid a pregnancy.

  5. What should my next steps be? You are already doing everything right (communication) but would need to do more to get the results you want. Communication is so crucial to good sex. Tell your man that it would turn you on the most to just see him super into it and like he can’t keep his hands off you and ask him to tell you what he likes about having sex with you. Hearing him say, “you feel so good” or “I love the way your skin feels on mine” might help you feel more confident that maybe the sex you are having is already rocking his world (despite maybe not rocking yours). Trust me if you often actively participate during sex sex, often most guys go nuts and asking them about kinks would surely make them draw a blank. But…… your pleasure matters and I think it's the real issue here so that is what I will address now. It really is your job to share your exact needs with him (as well as repeating them) rather than trying to fit into the mythology of “he should figure out what's missing”. If you're not comfortable being continuously that direct, starting tonight try a more playful approach and tell him that you want to play a game where his challenge is to get you as wet and aroused as possible. The rules: He has immediate access to every inch of your body, but all he has to do is prove to be a man in getting what he wants. Once he sees the results of his efforts (a horny-as-hell wife), he won't want to forgo dominating you in the future.

  6. Try doing the same, and similar things. Some will be better than others, but it sounds like you have a lot to explore. Congrats!

  7. Every single time I have read someone describe 24/7 blanket free use, without some way of turning it off, it's just abuse with a pretty bow on it.

  8. I think you are already honest with him, but right now his mind if playing tricks on himself. Talk to him, a lot. Possibly supervised

  9. Wrong on all counts. If she told me she hated it, no drama, if she said she initiated it and loved it but only for certain men, that’s a deal breaker.

  10. Bite her. That'll get her to stop. But seriously tell her to loosen her grib or she’ll lose privileges and pull her hand away.


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