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  1. Definitely! Did you know that 93% of men and 96% of women have fantasized about some aspect of BDSM before? Plus there is a plethora of studies showing that BDSM and things that you are into, are completely normal to like! It looks like you're discovering new aspects of your sexuality and if you're nervous about “desensitizing”, then try to keep things exciting rather than suppressing! Play safely😉🤗

  2. Hotels usually have a check in time, like 2PM or 3PM. You find that out when you reserve the room. You pay for the night and you have to check out by a certain time, often 11AM the next day. You can leave early if you want. They don't care, you have already paid. Just give them the keys or keycard and check out so they know you are not in the room anymore.

  3. RUN. And file a restraining order. God damn, these aren't just red flags, these are fucking military parade banners.

  4. Please do not put anything edible in your vagina! You'll get in infection quicker than you'll get up to wash the sugar out of your vag. If he's into sweet stuff there are many different flavoured lubes specifically made for oral sex. – you could try them out.

  5. It's not really about stigma. All (consensual) sexual activity is a trade-off between risk and pleasure, and whether consciously or unconsciously the vast majority of people feel the relatively miniscule risks involved in bareback oral are worth the increased pleasure.

  6. You shouldn’t fear your partner before going into a scene. There should be absolute trust that they have your best interest and limits at heart. Between traveling and this he wants to hurt you via confinement and pain

  7. If you want the truth you have to be a person it's safe to tell the truth to. You clearly aren't, and you're obsessed with his wandering eye and worried he finds other girls attractive. Every man finds women other than their wife attractive. He will not change but he will get better at lying to you because he doesn't want unnecessary conflict. You won't ever get him not to find other girls attractive, and he'll see some he likes no matter what you do. A healthy relationship isn't one where you've successfully removed all his other potential options until only you remain.

  8. Usually 10 to 20 for me. Anything over that and I'm just over dosing myself. Her on the other hand. She takes 80 to 100. She has a high tolerance. Only problem I have is not being able to cum. Takes forever

  9. This guys an idiot, you already said you didn’t cum in her. You’re fine. You only get a pregnancy test if you came in her. It’s that simple. My suggestion if you both plan to make this a habit or do it again, I’d use condoms and lube. It’s safer and cleaner for both of you. Good luck op

  10. When you orgasm your pelvic floor muscles will contract involuntarily. So, practice kegel exercises. That will teach you where those muscles are, so you can know when the real thing happens. Check out r/becomingorgasmic if i manage to relax myself i just end up frustrated when i don´t come. I've been there. I know it's frustrating but you can't focus on orgasm as your goal. As soon as you're trying too hard, it's game over. Mediation helps me a lot to stay calm and focused on my body. It can help a lot of you're a overthinker.

  11. I think it’s hot af. One of my exes would often wake me up with his mouth, or inside of me. I loved it. Also, I feel like it’s the one time where I can literally just lay there, because they woke me up from a dead ass sleep.

  12. No, every man wishes he had a woman as open minded as you. I'm married and I'm jealous! Screw the judgers. Hard to have anal sex when you already have a stick up your butt.

  13. I've heard of this before and I was also thinking that maybe that's the cause of this but I don't actually watch a lot of porn, only like 1-2 times a week I guess.

  14. Buttman here. I've been a buttman since I was a kid really. Back before Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian told society big butts are actually attractive to some of us men. I still like big boobs more than small. But if I had to choose big boobs with a flat ass, or a flat chest with big, beautiful bubble booty that jiggles so perfectly? Well….

  15. I know you're mostly looking to see just how common of a kink this is, but I just want to make sure that you know that ANY comments or feelings you hear from people on here shouldn't change your opinion towards this kink. The fact that you took the care to speak to your significant other about the subject means that you care enough to take the time to communicate your desires with a partner, as well as taken their own considerations to heart. This responsibly beautiful thing supersedes any type of external influences, and i strongly believe it should stay an intimately private and primal force in your relationship that will evolve as you two grow, sexually. It's a huge success that she feels perfectly fine stimulating this particular kink, but I love the fact that she felt comfortable telling you that she isn't into that particularly for herself. It seems like it would give you a strong incentive or segue into cultivating some of her own sexual journeys, and having an environment where such sexual reciprocations exist is one of the most beautiful things about finding and loving your counterpart in life. Something like this takes a lot of love and support, and I hope you and your wife get to enjoy all the accolades that come with something like that, for a very very long time. Best of luck, friend,

  16. Anal toy was great. Stipulations was a amazing. The toy was rubbing against my p spot and it made me felt crazy. Wife's idea. 👌

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