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  1. My boyfriend has given up porn for 1.5 years and he behaves completely differently. He did have a full blown addiction where he was viewing it 5x a day. Now he loves hugs and kisses and spending time with me and isn't just waiting for me to have my back turned so he can look at porn.

  2. Bad sex for most men is sex that's boring and passionless. Bad sex for a few unfortunate men is really bad; it's painful, dangerous and frightening. For women, that's what bad sex usually means.

  3. I (26 F) have had these kinds of fantasies, and as far as I know it’s not at all uncommon. The thing about fantasies is that even if you are imagining you don’t like it or you don’t have control, the truth is you are in control of your fantasies. There is nothing wrong with imagining whatever you like, it is not hurting anyone, and it’s normal to be having these kinds of thoughts at 16. Keep in mind though that just because you enjoy thinking about it, that does not necessarily mean you will enjoy acting it out in real life. If you do choose to try it out with a partner make sure it is done in a safe environment with a caring and trusted partner. Do your research, set your boundaries and always have a safe word. Never underestimate the importance of after care. I would strongly advise waiting till your an adult if you want to try acting this fantasy out. That said it’s totally fine to enjoy just thinking about it and never taking it further. Sometimes the reality does not live up to the fantasy, fantasies can be enjoyable precisely because they do not play out how they would in real life.

  4. I get this. A guy “cooked” me a birthday meal of this exact thing. It was awful. But that's because of the execution. The trick is quality and variety. Necessities Are 2-vadifferent fats (cheeses/meats), carbs (crackers/baguette), salty and sweet,, veggies and fruits. details below. -Get 2-3 different kind of crackers (some with seeds, some white, maybe some gluten frbelow. A couple kinds of cheese (maybe a camembert, a manchego or cheddar, and something soft and spreadable but still delacant like a chevre). -Some nuts (almonds and cashews or walnuts). -Some fruits that are easy finger food (grapes, sliced apple, clementine, dates, apricots). -Some olives -And some sliced veggies (carrots, bell peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes all work well for this) -Possibly some nice spreads (like pesto or olive tepanade or sun-dried tomato sauce). -And possibly some sliced meats if you're into that. That way the FWB can pick and choose and build a light or heavy meal however they want. There's some sweet and salty. Some light and heavy. Some finger food and some spreadable. All the good stuff. Variety is key.

  5. It is possible to heal from codependency while in this situation, but it can be very difficult. You may need to take a step back and look at it objectively before you make any major decisions or changes. Look into therapy and resources that teach more about healthy relationships and the impact of codependency. Make sure you are setting healthy boundaries with your partner and communicating them clearly so that respect is mutual between the two of you. Lastly, have realistic expectations for yourself – healing takes time and staying mindful of your progress will help keep you motivated as things get better over time.

  6. I can feel my wife’s at times and at certain angles. Definitely wasn’t comfortable when I first experienced it, but now it’s better since the strings have “broken in”. OBGYN will cut the strings shorter if it’s noticeable.

  7. Engage in light play. Use a finger. Massage. She needs to get used to something going in. Work up to dick size Look stuff up.

  8. People who intimate sex regardless if it's male or female tend to be in the mood with higher sex drive. I think you probably last much longer when he intimates it. It's not about who initiates or how long do you last. It's about communicating with your bodies, communicating with words, have matching libidos and both enjoying fulfilling your partner's needs and being happy and excited for doing it. There is no better feeling for a man that can bring a woman to an extasy, just being there to share those intimate moments with her.

  9. It’s very bad in all honesty because porn isn’t real it’s just overstimulating your brain to things that isn’t really common or natural and it overwrites the brain to standards that’s aren’t real, so when the time comes for you to actually have sex with an actual woman/man the brain won’t be as stimulated like you watching porn and you’ll have no joy from it or probably have performance issues for lack of stimulation.

  10. Thanks a ton for coming forward and being honest. While i am in this situation you just feel like why not this too. Why only this part of the relationship has to be bad?. If it was bad otherwise i would have a solid excuse to leave.


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