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  1. if you're #1 you basically have 3 options try an SSRI, paroxetine works 'okay' for #3, who have things rough, it's the best thing there is, has terrible side effects. If you just need a little help you can try dapoxetine, no remarkable side effects consider how you masturbate / if you can change your routine to align with your goals more buy a fleshlight, kind of an extension of the last point. Keep in mind that the one of the more often causes of #4 is death grip masturbation. If you're not stimulating the head much when you masturbate then when you have sex it's kind of overwhelming. The opposite also applies. the first and third tip are explicitly backed up by clinical research; I assume the second probably has some level of backing as well but I couldn't think of a study off the top of my head. Some women are really good at making themselves finish, others are not. If you're with a girl who's a #4 then try getting like a vibrator to add during sex. You might find you have as much fun at a lower intensity as you thought you needed a higher intensity for. If you REALLY want to like be able to give it to a girl rough u can try the numbing cream just keep in mind you need to give it time to take effect, or you can buy a extender sleeve. That might be a lot more ideal than you realize; you can go rough but still finish normally when u want. If you go too hard on the “I want it to take more effort to cum so I can go more intense” thing u might find yourself a #4 before you know it and oopsie.

  2. There are multiple sterile surgical lubes that can be used for sexual purposes. Yes, he could indeed be allergic to a chemical used in lube (there are some really really nasty chemicals used in some lubes). But, if you want to test it out, I would suggest getting a few sterile surgical lubes, if he is willing to experiment. You can buy several on amazon in small quantities for testing and then get larger volume ones when you find one that works. Most small ones can be had for under $5.00. We had a similar, but different scenario, and found sterile surgical lube to be the answer, for us.

  3. The g spot is only a couple of inches in. Unless he’s smaller than 3 inches, odds are a sleeve isn’t necessary to reach it. Also, there are plenty of women that get off from external stimulation and not from internal stimulation. Some women may prefer larger penises, but penis size generally isn’t the limiting factor for orgasm unless a guy is well under average.

  4. Before you hit the point of no return just stop. You will know when to start again. As you practice, you gain more control. My gf now tells me when she wants me to cum. When she's done I can usually wrap it up pretty quick.

  5. Might be wrong condom size, too tight/loose and it increases friction which makes it easier to tear


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