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  1. no matter how much you want to, or how natural or innocent the question might be to you, resist the impulse and DO NOT ASK HIM- EVER – “are you in yet?”.

  2. The purpose it serves is an open honest relationship where the full OP is know to his wife. It’s 2023 there’s nothing wrong with gay sex. If it was a woman saying she’d had sex with another women blokes would just be going “niiiiiice”, yet other way round it’s basically shame being encouraged? Really not sure about that. Most people discuss former escapades and stories with partners, sounds like this is a bit of a story.

  3. I thoroughly enjoy giving my woman oral, so I typically don't have any problem staying hard. Sometimes, the room is pretty chilly, and I will lose it. Im also a little younger with a very high libido, though.


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