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  1. Him not listening when you say no is wrong, and you've said that you communicated what he's doing that you don't like, and he doesn't listen, which says he's immature as fuck. Now on to the other part, sexting other people is cheating in my books (unless he's getting paid to do it, then it's a job no different than onlyfans). Now in my opinion it clear that it's not working for you two, so break up, leave him. I've personally gone through the difference in sex drives, mine is high so porn and masturbation are a good ethical alternative when in a committed relationship, someone I dated had issues with that so we compromised, then that wasn't good enough and then it was a dead bedroom. Next time find someone who matches ideals and sex drive, in addition to what you would normally look for.

  2. I am explaining what men will want to know. It is not weird. I am not sexually inhibited but my wife knew everything about what I did before we got together. The OP is acting like this was ancient history, she has been with her BF for 2 years. 2 years ago she did the 17 in 3 sessions! Any dude is gonna ask questions. Don’t shame people for asking questions. Men want to know about character. I am not trying to make her feel shit about her past. But if she told the guy upfront instead of a half truth perhaps we would have a different story. Just tell people the truth!

  3. On my 18th birthday, I got a call from Planned Parenthood to tell me that, at a recent routine screening, my results came back positive for chlamydia. Called my then-boyfriend, he was in an in-patient rehab facility where he was able to get tested. He was negative. Got tested again and my results came back negative. So yeah, it can happen. Happy friggin birthday to me lol Wishing you all the luck, I know these things can be difficult. I was 27/28 when I was diagnosed with HPV (which resulted in cervical and uterine cancer) and hepatitis C, had been in a monogamous relationship for three years at that point and had been tested when we got together (came back totally clean). My boyfriend was very understanding, which was a huge relief because I read tons of stories on reddit from older women in similar situations whose husbands straight up LEFT THEM because the virus simply hadn't been detected prior, even when cheating wasn't the cause.


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