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  1. When I queef , my husband and I just act like it didn’t happen or we laugh . It’s normal and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about , but let your gf bring it up first .

  2. I have been in this situation. Women have much more physical capacity for sex than men, we can't nor will we physically fulfill them. Make it emotional. First, boundaries, take care of yourself go back to the gym and plan time for yourself. Next, work smarter not harder. You are not a human dildo, sex can happen a lot of different ways and if she has time and desire let her up her game. Make her, please don't take this the wrong way, work for it. Your only strength is in your ability to control yourself. Be kinky and have fun!

  3. Oil based lubes in general start to dissolve latex condoms, as long as you avoid that combo, you should be fine. Either water based lube, or non-latex condoms, or some other alternative. If you’re super worried about it, most big name brands have a line of condoms that have pre-applied spermicidal lube. Trojan for sure carries ones like that.

  4. It's possible that your boobs were looking a little fuller that day due to where you were in your menstrual cycle. That happens to my wife too. Everyone is being absurdly harsh on your boyfriend, he didn't even say your boobs weren't big enough or that he didn't like them, he just said they looked bigger that day and though a little careless he's not this evil monster people here want to make him. Reddit loves making couples split.

  5. First things first you have a right to express your boundaries; your likes and dislikes. His response to you communicating that you aren’t comfortable with him cumming on you is not cool. But it did have curious… where would you prefer he finished? I read a post here a couple weeks back from a guy who’s gf is disgusted by his cum and expressed how repulsive she finds it. Naturally, this started to make him feel shame and embarrassment of his own bodily fluids and an inevitable part of sex. I’m wondering if your bf relates to that in any way? If you enjoy the sex with him otherwise, and enjoy being intimate with him- the only thing I would suggest is avoiding using language that could make him feel like his cum is dirty or gross. Ask him to cum where you are most comfortable.

  6. Some guys like the sensation of a blowjob, but think anyone who takes cum in their mouth and doesn't spit out the cum must be a really dirty whore. Totally screwed up thinking, I know – but that thinking does exist. Being a “cocksucker” used to be one of the dirtiest things to be called.

  7. You used the fact that he is already a Dad, by accidental pregnancy, as a reason to trust him?!! Clearly, he doesn't know what he is talking about. This is not safe. Not at all. Tell him to wear a condom every time. You may have already been exposed to STDs. You should get tested.

  8. Isn't necessarily the “first sign” or a sign at all, it could mean a bunch of things, but in this case just seems like she lost interest

  9. I think you should ask. I've given head to and swallowed around 20 guys and they all loved it, but I can only give you my experience.

  10. I don't really know the best answer to this. Personally I don't like porn in my relationship, and we don't watch it (for a multitude of reasons, from feeling bad after jerking off, to not liking the industry). I think the most 'okay' porn I'd be willing to consume would be written, or audio, not visual.

  11. My hubby likes to watch me get off so if he’s too tired then I just recruit his help to either play with me while I use a vibe or he gets to use the vibe while I rub on him and use a glass dildo. I’m happy and he gets to save his energy for another day.

  12. All the people here defending the girl are hypocrites. If a dude would jerk off to random girls on Instagram he would be creepy and disgusting. He also would be cheating. But if a girl does that, OP is the Problem for sure. Those people on reddit are crazy. Don't listen to them.

  13. If he’s like me then he’s automatically thinking “shit she’s done this before” and that can have a psychological effect on some of us dudes. Been married for 6 years and my wife is very sexual with high libido, admittedly there are times she’s riding my cock and I have thought about her past with other men.

  14. I just use wanking as a gender-neutral term. I'm not a native speaker, so I have no idea if that's actually how British and Irish people use it, but I like it.

  15. It's always a concern sure. But I always use a condom. I'll only fuck without one if we've both been tested and came out clean

  16. It's not immature to feel disturbed by seeing someone eat their own semen. Everyone's got their boundaries. I wouldn't really want to see that. You can't insist that people serenely accept whatever anyone does as long as it's in a sexual environment.