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  1. Incredible that you would go through all the work to create a throwaway account just to post this steaming pile of dog shit.

  2. Tell him. & who cares if he gets mad. He obviously isn’t washing his ass nor wiping it properly & he needs to know.

  3. I commented on another post with SOME of his kinks. I am probably the reason for the rough spot. I want to let him know I really care for him and I can’t think of ANYTHING. Im not creative at all. He has all these really good ideas and mine seem vanilla. Basically he says the more wild and out there it is the sexier it can be. I mean I talked to him about breaking into my work and fucking on my desk tonight because he has mentioned that before. I also thought of doing it on my boss’ desk and pretend to be his supervisor or something

  4. You size doesn't have anything to do with it. Even with 10 inches you can't make her moan if she doesn't feel like it. Talk to her about it that you would like to hear her during sex. Some ppl are super quite because in their teens they had tondo it in secret and bit get caught by siblings or parents and have kind if lost the need to do it.

  5. I think mines are so tiny lol, I absolutely envy yours. When I heard that there’s a surgery to make them smaller, I think why would someone want to do that???

  6. It’s just a small one that has a suction cup attachment. It’s $30 and I mostly just want it because after an hour of actual play my arms get tired. I’d also like to just sit back and relax and not have to be so focused on the physical aspect of performance. I posted the original post pretty late and was accidentally vague- do you think this still poses a problem or should I maybe still not get it?

  7. When my wife and I have a fight or we have some sort of tension, I don't feel like having sex. Destroys my libido. Even after it's resolved, it takes me some time to want to be with her. Based on your post history, you've been consistently accusing him of cheating and have created a brutally hostile environment at home. I wouldn't touch my wife for months either if that's what I came home to.

  8. If you got a specific one in mind maybe you can just chill out and hang out! How about some more hugging and shit like that? Then you can more selectively have sex. It's not a fail if you just hang out and have some fun and she doesn't sleep with you. Just think of it as a success if she wants to do it again.

  9. That was my “type” before my current (big, tall, masc and nerdy) boyfriend. “Feminine” guys can be so hot. If you want to wear tighter clothes, grow out your hair, or wear nail polish, do it!!

  10. Does he use protection during anal and or PIV? I personally only like anal so much because I don't have to wear a condom.

  11. But what the OP is getting at, it's easy if you “wanted” to. Every single one of those guys that DM you would want to have sex with you. Whereas for a bloke a DM is rare, and most times they are just women seeking gratification “you're hot, I'd love to have sex with you” etc. with no intention of doing anything with them.

  12. I can’t believe it – I found an Audiobook on Amazon :). Thank you for the advice! I will give it a go :))

  13. Sex is a consensual form of affection on both ends, if your partner is asking you for it when you don't want to and actually bitching and moaning until he gets it knowing so well that it harms you and giving a blind eye to this then it's more like an obligatory task and for sure that's a downright abuse let alone waking you up for it, Imo this shouldn't be up for debate anymore you're being highkey used and your attachment is the only reason you're still holding onto him. OP, this is not right no matter how “nice” (I don't get how such a dickhead can be a nice person but ok ig) you find him, but not taking no for an answer and being all childish especially in such thing is a huge red flag if not a billboard banner goddamit you really need to draw some lines to make sure that he's gonna quit his bullshat behavior or else you're better off without him, Good luck!


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