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  1. Communicate, I mean you are paying them for the experience so might as well be vocal about it. Just tell them your wants or what you want to experience/get out of it. Chances are they'll give it to you, unless it's someone that isn't a professional which is more like a prostitute/hooker than an escort.

  2. Sounds like you may be using one that's too tight. Enjoy the smug feeling when you ask for larger ones! Or.. try putting one on before you start and let her get you hard as you go.

  3. I have experience with an ex gf who had a much more “wild” sexual history than myself at the time and I was unable to let it go for the longest time which is one of the reasons that she ended things with me and that I’m now an ex. My advice is to let it go any way possible or it absolutely WILL ruin your relationship and after it’s over you’ll wonder why it was such a big deal to you.

  4. I have quit porn for a while now and I did have great sex afterwards but I've started to enjoy it much less again.


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