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  1. I think it's been easier. Everyone's so stressed so I've been invited to come over and smoke weed and have sex from multiple girls. I gotta moisturize more so thanks for the reminder there.

  2. It amazes me how many women just lay there. The thought never crossed my mind to just lay the like a dead fish. I mean, what's the fun in that? I also like it when the other want's to be with me, and I myself can be very..Good at showing that I want to be with him. In general I like to kiss the guys neck, wrap my fingers in his hair and slightly pull, maybe claw a little on his chest or run my fingers lightly along his back.. But everybody's different I guess..

  3. Honestly I'm horny all the time. It's normal and means you've got healthy sexual appetite. More worrying if you weren't

  4. Maybe the point here y’all, is that it matters to some people and not to others, and if 2 people interact and have different views and find out after the fact, it’s doesn’t necessarily make either of them a bad person. No one here is right for everyone and no one here is wrong for everyone, but everyone here is correct for themselves as how they wish to conduct themselves and be conducted with. Sucks that the girl felt taken advantage of.

  5. A guy’s input here: consider your partner and what the two of you get turned on by, and figure out ways to include that type of thing in your day, before the bedroom. Anticipation / foreplay are great things to mentally psych yourself up, and these things can be way more subtle than making out out, groping and other on-the-nose behaviors.

  6. A small quantity of alcohol and a chat where you are facing each other but at 45 degrees is perfect for people to drop their defences.

  7. all my ex's could cum from penetration only. I’m sorry to break it to you, but I guarantee some of them were faking it.

  8. To all the guys saying it’s disrespectful to talk about specific lovers; you don’t need to name names. You can share tips and experiences without saying who it was with. But this is Reddit. I’m assuming most of the men on here have a much lower “body count” than the average guy out there. So it’s hard to keep it anonymous if you’ve only had 2 or 1 or zero partners ha ha. And this will also skew the consensus in this group. I’m hearing a lot of “no’s” but that’s not my experience out in the world. Heck we used to go into great detail at work! I was a cook for 6 years. All the cooks talked about it constantly. I remember walking into the kitchen with the dishwasher explaining a specific fingering technique and a waitress ever heard. She didn’t hear the start and didn’t know 100% that’s what we were talking about but I was doing the “come hither” motion with my fingers so she laughed out loud and so “oh brother” or something. Though one cook would say it waitresses. I would try to sleep with all of them whether they were 18 or 60 (Jokingly, but he did actually sleep with a few of them). One time a young waitress came to line and asked if her order was coming up. And he replied “yeah I’d eat your pussy”. Likewise the waitresses would take part. Sometimes if they wanted their order sooner they’d run their finger down your chest and stop just short of your junk. I don’t know what it’s like now in the restaurant biz, but back then (90’s / 2000’s) it was filthy. People had sex IN the restaurant after hours (maybe during?). One cook showed the whole staff his erect penis to prove how big he was. My first day of work the kitchen manager, this old Asian guy asked what I wanted to eat for break. He says “you want steak? Ribs? Pussy?” This was a classy family restaurant. Then I went to work at a bar / night club and it was even filthier.

  9. Why are you taking info on “females” from a person who is not one and has no clue about our experiences? Would you believe me as fast if I gave you a load of info on what it’s like to be Japanese even though I’ve never been within a thousand mile radius of Japan and am whiter than mozzarella?

  10. Less about gender, more about culture, I guess. I talk the shit out of my sexual life and I'm sure a lot of women keep it to themselves.

  11. Being into feet is probably one of the most harmless fetishes. I’m into piss so fucking be it it’s sexy, turns me on, I don’t need to question my morals as a person, and most of all it’s legal and fun. Literally the only people who needs to know you have a foot fetish is your sexual partner.

  12. Personally I don't care, if I'm with someone it's their personality that I'm there for, if I was just looking to sleep with hot chicks I wouldn't be in a relationship, so for me no but it's very individually to who you're with I'd say

  13. My boobs can’t reach my boyfriends mouth when I jerk him off but I think I would enjoy it as I’m pretty sensitive on my nipples

  14. Only if you struggle to orgasm with a partner or make your genitals sore. Other then that nope enjoy your orgasms guilt free 👍

  15. Your too young.. u prob would then he would get older you would mature eventually fond someone closer to your age… trust me

  16. I (44M) am living with two women (45F and 47F) and raising a child with them. We've all been together for ten years. And we've all seen other people at various times, too. So, yes, open relationships can really work. Polyamory exists. The thing is, we started open. It's opening a relationship that comes with a treacherously high rate of failure. Sometimes it's successful, but in my experience, the chance of success is well below 50%.

  17. For a personal example. And i'm for sure an abnormal case. A previous girlfriend of mine was curious for experiences outside the relationship, first with another woman but also with a man. All I asked for was honesty and to be safe both as a person and sexually. I'm not here to “lock down” a person. Or create situations and environments that can breed resentment or dishonesty. If someone's going to leave they're going to leave. Me stopping them from doing something they enjoy or people they want isn't going to save a relationship. Communication, love, and trust is what matters long term.

  18. 1 or 100 the “threat” of other people will ALWAYS exists. Exactly. Someone could be totally paranoid if their partner has “too much” experience because then they're worried that they won't be enough for someone who's slept with 50 people before them.

  19. No I don't just don't know why he would be friends with her besides that. I didn't ask because people often lie. Nomatter his intentions he would lie to me on something like this

  20. Hardness is definitely a good sign. Pulsing is definitely a good sign too. It’s almost like voluntary or involuntary kegal and, for me at least, that usually means I’m approaching the finish line.

  21. Hardness is definitely a good sign. Pulsing is definitely a good sign too. It’s almost like voluntary or involuntary kegal and, for me at least, that usually means I’m approaching the finish line.

  22. The fact that ur sleeping with someone you aren’t physically attracted to is kinda desperate. And if she knew that. She would be so hurt. Be better than that

  23. The fact that ur sleeping with someone you aren’t physically attracted to is kinda desperate. And if she knew that. She would be so hurt. Be better than that

  24. Maybe to be more productive and if you doing it a lot you may get Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

  25. I’d recommend that you start a little slower. Turn this down and try to find someone your own age and experience level.

  26. I can only cum from oral very, very rarely. And generally only when I haven’t cum for a day or two. I’d suggest trying to think of oral not as a way to get off, but as something to enjoy. Maybe after a bit, switch over to using your hand and get off with her there, snuggled up with you?


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