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  1. I can take action, but dating apps suck and are useless for average looking guys, thus, pursuing girls means IRL gameplay. I will have to compete with and confront the Alpha males who are pursuing the same girls. Probablyyyyy don't want that. So most average or below average men simply sink into cowardice and masturbation and hopelessness. I want to do better, so much better, but I must lose the fear of death.

  2. Are you talking about sex in the sense of penetration? I‘m asking as a guy, who was lucky and blessed to have had female partners who were able to calm and relax enough that eating them out helped a lot for them to have a climax. Of course there is also just the fact assumption, that it IS simply a way more mental thing for women to reach that point. So a lot of stimulation, foreplay, fingering eating out and licking has helped.

  3. If you think about it, ff it got easier for women it makes sense how it would have gotten harder for men (assuming you're a straight women).

  4. Are you sure he’s less attracted because of weight? Is it possible he just has erectile dysfunction or something?

  5. If you're more comfortable not mentioning it, then don't. But that's very different than directly lying. Particularly your sexual history, given your partner has a health interest in it. That said, virginity seems a lot less significant once you lose it. Most people are only going to be concerned that you're a virgin insofar as they worry about causing pain or discomfort.

  6. up until like a hour in Are you saying you were having intercourse for an hour straight? If so that is too long for most women And secondly is too much cum “disgusting” or a turn off This is going to very from person to person. There are people who still use condoms simply because any cum is to much for them, and others who can't get enough. Personal experience I'd rather have more then less, you can always find ways to manage your bigger loads but I can't do anything to please people who more then the little I produce. Plus I imagine your orgasm are pretty great, so enjoy the big loads and find someone who appreciates then. the was she said it made me feel like it was That's just because she isn't a very nice person


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