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  1. Please don’t put random things in your butt. Continue using your fingers or buy a toy. Anything else is not safe and can cause injury

  2. Male multiple orgasms are possible. Prostate orgasms, nipple orgasms and other far out stuff that doesn’t involve ejaculation (ie no refractory period). I have several to tens of orgasms every time I sleep with my wife thanks to these discoveries, and often cum for minutes at a time like a multi orgasmic woman. It’s nirvana, and like you I thought only women could have this sort of pleasure. To learn, go to and r/aneros and the aneros Internet forum.

  3. You want to be the person who's responsible for the protection, is this a trust issue? I am not judging you, i see far to many men in this sub complain about BC so i applaud you. I am just trying to understand. I am a woman with an IUD and I would not feel comfortable to rely on some one else to be completely in charge of the BC? So maybe I kind of get it? IUDs are also a great way to get rid of periods. But I saw you already have a teenage daughter, I don't want to assume anything here, but do you want any more children? Ever thought of a vasectomy?

  4. Yh the chance on general I believe is 1/4-1/5 chance, then even lower if you’re on your period and even lower if you take plan b

  5. We send each other nudes pretty regularly, I wouldn’t dream of sending an unwanted/inappropriate nude to somebody

  6. I'd probably use it first during oral after you've already warmed her up a bit yourself Depending on the size, you'll be able to wedge it between you during a lot of positions like missionary or she might be able to hold it on herself in doggy. Just try playing around with it and figure out what is comfortable

  7. Cialis can’t cure anxiety and depression. If you take meds for that, then those are famous for causing side effects like ED. Certain anti-depressants are better for young men, for that reason.

  8. It may be awkward for more than just one time and it might take a little patience. You've just got to make sure you're more aroused than you are nervous, and now that your expectations are more realistic that will help as well.

  9. I had a hook up partner like you. I never understood what the big deal was. She never told me explicitly but it was very clear, she was visibly grossed out and never asked any questions or tried to take part (every other woman Ive been with is curious and wants to be inside of me). When I asked her to be inside me she put it off, and then one day she did it and stopped quickly. I still have trouble understanding why one could have an aversion to butt play to the point of being uncomfortable if your partner is the one stimulating himself with a toy or fingers (you say this is your case and it was her case as well). For me it is almost the equivalent of a person not touching a woman’s clitoris and asking her not to touch it as well. I say almost only because of the fact that the rectum isn’t only for sex (unfortunately). But damn, if a person is clean, and especially if you’re even not the one doing the touching… Anyways I don’t mean to shame you. I just mean to say that if I were in a monogamous relationship where prostate stimulation made my partner squicky and there were no workarounds, I would probably consider leaving, or opening it up to get my needs elsewhere. For those who like prostate stimulation, it teeters on the realm of sexo-spiritual. Also so many women love the idea of prostate stimulation that I think it’s not hard to find someone that excepts a prostate (wal)nut for who they are. We only have one life so for me I want that life to be the most sexually fulfilling it can be, and that means a toy in butt whenever it is possible, and someone who is totally happy for me and turned on by it. But whatever you do don’t lie to him. Don’t ever feign pleasure or excitement. That only makes a problem worse, because he’ll want to take it further and further and the day he knows the truth it will be even more damaging (isn’t this the case with all lies?). Be honest with him ASAP, see if you can talk through it. If he is less obsessed than me than maybe it isn’t a problem and he can keep prostate play to alone time. Or he can learn to stimulate the prostate from kegels alone and that can be very good as well, though he’ll probably always crave toys.

  10. Maybe you did something in the past and karma just bites you in the butt. Not sure. But if I were you I would have difficulty trusting your guy again. Have there been other instances where he was laying or was this the one and only liebtest you know of right now? If it is one lie only, I would not write him off and just see how good this year has been for you with him.


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