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  1. When I was researching about condoms (Before my first time, when i get nervous I research), I read that even flavored condoms are not recommended to be in vaginas cuz of the flavor stuff.

  2. That's not how it works. As an old lady whose partners are at the age where this is common, having a scheduled sex day or using low dose Cialis regularly is the most common deployment. Diabetics are dependent on insulin. People with genetic predisposition to high cholesterol take statins daily. People with depression take meds daily. None of these people are doing something wrong, what would make using a medication for erection support be wrong? Sex is a major part of most people's happiness equation.

  3. Be as professional as you can be. If he's not giving you the same, then ignore him and continue to focus on your work. Shame if you were friends beforehand, but as long as it doesn't effect your work, your bosses likely won't care. Sounds like he probably wanted it to happen again and he's frustrated you didn't feel the same, but I wouldn't ask about this if there's another woman involved and he's now being cold with you.

  4. I understand the “point” of a chiro, how chiro is supposed to be, I just don't think many of them actually do it. Anybody going in should manage their expectations accordingly. But go off, seems I struck a nerve with you… …maybe you should go see a chiropractor! Lol couldn't resist 😅

  5. Maybe ask if she’s into 69, so she knows your just as willing as she is lol. It’s a fun way to find out while letting her know you will reciprocate.

  6. Period sex can be just as hot. As regular sex. I am sorry that your partner is hung up with sex during your period.

  7. As with most fetishes its pretty specific to the person. For me it's oddly soothing because it was one of the first things I remember becoming aroused by, before I even hit puberty. Don't know why, but kindergarten was the first I was around other people and I started having these daydreams that made me feel “nice” about our teacher swallowing the whole class one by one. Once I was a grown adult I realized that other people had this same idea, and that there was a lot of high quality content online that wasn't harming anyone.

  8. i would honestly just let it go and pretend it didn’t happen. if it’s causing lingering issues, he will definitely bring it up. he might just be feeling insecure and need a minute to get back out of his head.

  9. Idk, it just seems like anecdotally (which is most of what those pieces offered) people are saying one thing because they consciously do feel uncomfortable with casual sex for the reasons given, but then human nature takes over.

  10. If you have a friend who baked a really nice pie and they post that on social media, nobody is going to react badly to that request for approval and validation. You and your friends will probably give it all the love. Requests for validation are generally considered okay. ​ The exception in which we don't permit a share-boast-validation cycle is sex which is really strange sort of difference. The desire to talk about your experiences, to perhaps strut a bit, and to receive validation from your community is part of most other activities in life but when it comes to sex, it's not permitted. I think that's probably worth fixing because that desire for validation in any activity is totally normal. It's part of being human and you see people here looking for reassurance in this space on a regular basis. ​ As to the specifics of this question, just repeatedly licking or sucking someone isn't the point of going down on your partner. One way to demonstrate skill, generosity, and affection is to give your partner a pleasurable experience and that's especially expected of traditional masculinity. It's the service and the skill you use to bring your partner to climax that usually makes it something that both people enjoy. ​ When I go down on my partner and she climaxes well, I feel all the rush of that masculine identity being affirmed as an elite performance of gender mastery. It's cultural programming that tells me this is a valid form of masculinity, but that doesn't make the feeling of delivering those orgasms less powerful. (And, we should understand cunnilingus isn't exclusively a masculine act… it's just that this particular act speaks to my personal masculine identity as elite masculinity.) ​ If you know someone who shares their sexual experiences, you can listen to that person and give them some validation provided it doesn't compromise your boundaries.

  11. Don't go right for the clit. Rub her thighs. Lick her legs. Rub and kiss all over her body before moving down there. Even when you go down target all over but save the clit for last. And don't be too rough or you'll ruin the mood. (Unless she's into that.)

  12. This happens to me as a guy too. So I can relate. Too much pressure on me to come when getting head means that I rarely come. On the whole, my experience is that as men are supposed to be easy to please, there is very little effort shown to adjust technique/ask questions when it comes to men receiving. Most women will just stop giving you head if you don't come quickly.

  13. Yeah, no. Don’t do that. For your own mental health. He’s absolutely not able to make you feel comfortable enough and I would have thrown him after that question. How would he react if you’d ask him if he’d consider a penis enlargement? Don’t waste your time and health with him, especially since he’s just a fwb. He’s absolutely not worth it.

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  15. Sometimes accidents and mishaps occur while having sex… you made it clear in your past but wasn’t intentional… your partner reaffirmed their belief it was not intentional… you’ve done it previously with no issues… it is a simple case of “lesson learned”… Take away: trim and file your nails… all those long pointy porno nails don’t really exist in safe and healthy sexual play – they are an unnecessary hazard that most people will NOT appreciate because it hurts EVERY time… even for guys… clean, trim, file your nails: manicures are for more than looks 😉

  16. It’s a pure expression of intimacy for me. Starts with a kissing and nuzzling of her whole belly, thighs and mound. It’s a challenge for both us us to resist rushing to her vulva. Her scent is the most enjoyable before everything gets super wet and sexual. While her orgasm(s) is often an irresistible treasure, my greatest enjoyment is reveling in the entire experience of her taste and scent and textures and how they change throughout each session and throughout her cycle. Because I want to prolong it for my enjoyment, I very early on found that pressure is through the weight of my head and controlled by neck and not by pushing with my tongue or jaw. Instead, lips, tongue and jaw are free to taste, lick and suck; often all at once. Hands most often are used on her lower belly for pressure and to massage the skin of her mound which I find opens new areas of texture and pleasure for us. Most important is listening to her body as it responds and play with her pleasure. It is a treasure hunt and often feels like I’m collecting her pleasure for our enjoyment. Sometimes spot and/or technique gets numb and your have to move to something different. Sometimes spots are too sensitive and you need to change techniques or back off until she can relax. Sometimes it is just a special moment and spot where stopping all movement and just pressing is perfect. Orgasms come by themselves and often hide if they are your purpose. They remind me of a cat. Ignoring them in the beginning is often the quickest way for them to come to you to get attention. Orgasms will demand petting when their time comes.

  17. 100% a deal breaker for me. If you don’t give oral, we aren’t sexually compatible and sexual compatibility is important.

  18. I know I'm very late to this post, but I just wanted to add: Been married for 11 years, never done anal in that time, and he is happy with that. We tried it when dating. He could tell I wasn't enjoying it very much, so he's just not interested because he doesn't get turned on when I'm enduring sex instead of enjoying it. I had an ex who liked anal. I thought I could deal with it because I loved him… Thank God he was a jackass. Sex is better when both people are having a good time. If your guy is saying anal is not important, that could very well be the truth. I call those men keepers 🙂 .


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