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  1. It’s kind of embarrassing but I am a little obsessed with the climax of the porn I watch. It’s hard for me to orgasm with any scene. Maybe it also has to do with porn. IDK

  2. If both of you are into restraints, or at least trying them, that can be a lot of fun. We use them occasionally to spice up and push each other a little further than we normally would go in terms of stimulation and orgasms.

  3. And they’ve been together for a year so she was 19 he was 27, and he said she was “inexperienced” before him 😬🤐

  4. Idk why people throw around the term incel so much especially considering it means involuntarily celibate… but yeah he’s probably insecure about his girlfriend getting smashed by other guys and stretching her out because in a separate comment she explained that she’s also an escort so kinda explains everything right away

  5. Absolutely not. It can actually be a turn on for some, whether female or male. Please get out there and have some fun!

  6. Preach! For some reason every dude on reddit is 9 inches on a bad day. What's worse is that the environment that the 2010s and 2020s created for them; All tells them that this is 1) important information and 2) matters. Especially the men we idolize, like the rappers of these generations, all turn around and force us to feel shame about ourselves in our most easy to hurt area. Our dick size publicized is the nut shot of emotional pain. The good thing is that I've seen nothing in this subreddit but true body positivity for men AND women on these subjects. There's so many things as men we have to appear as every day to so many different people, it's nice to have one place that doesn't tell us lies and give us impossible standards.

  7. is it? idk anyone in my life who likes it, me and my friends talk pretty openly about sex and none of them are into degrading stuff but Im learning I am so I feel kinda fucked up about it

  8. Out of my experience i would say, that there are far less women out there who want to give a rimjob then men who want to be rimmed. So you are some kind of a Unicorn among women. I guess the bigger problem for some man will be the lack of self-confidence to ask for a rimjob (me included). So just openly say that you are into it and i guess the chance that your new partner agrees is high.

  9. You have been on Reddit for less than a month and have REPEATEDLY posted about the shit way that your boyfriend treats you. The advice that you receive is always the same – LEAVE HIM. So why do you bother coming back and posting again on an advice sub on Reddit when you obviously don’t intend on following the advice???

  10. Well if she wants it, then go for it! Just you should try to ensure she gets to cum as well, even after you did.

  11. Personally, I would probably move along. I can't imagine having a relationship w someone who refused to give a BJ without a condom, especially if they were getting their needs met.

  12. If you can't tell whether or not your partner is aiming to hurt you or give you pleasure, then I don't know how you could blame anyone but yourself.

  13. Not saying it’s the same…but your situation sounds reminiscent of my friend with our friend group. We were very “go on with your bad self” at first. But then without going into a lot of detail, when she’d tell us of her adventures we just started to get scared for her. She was using protection but it did seem like she wasn’t meeting these guys in the most savory of places and some situations she started to tell us about seemed more depressing than anything. We never judged, nor did we ever think ‘whore’ (don’t believe in that anyway) but when she’d leave the rest of us debated whether we should talk to her about how she’s going about meeting guys. Alcohol was a factor…I know you didn’t mention that. If you’re completely clear headed (no alcohol, no weed, etc) then go on with your bad self. She slowly realized she had a problem…..not only with drinking but emotionally by seeking out fleeting connections. Although your friends seem to be judgy, they could just be worried about your mental health if you are finding these emotional/sexual connections like rapid fire so soon after leaving a relationship that wasn’t the greatest. Also not making excuses for the way your friends are approaching you…….they truly aren’t the best of friends by saying that.


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