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  1. It’s kind of embarrassing but I am a little obsessed with the climax of the porn I watch. It’s hard for me to orgasm with any scene. Maybe it also has to do with porn. IDK

  2. If both of you are into restraints, or at least trying them, that can be a lot of fun. We use them occasionally to spice up and push each other a little further than we normally would go in terms of stimulation and orgasms.

  3. And they’ve been together for a year so she was 19 he was 27, and he said she was “inexperienced” before him 😬🤐

  4. Idk why people throw around the term incel so much especially considering it means involuntarily celibate… but yeah he’s probably insecure about his girlfriend getting smashed by other guys and stretching her out because in a separate comment she explained that she’s also an escort so kinda explains everything right away

  5. Absolutely not. It can actually be a turn on for some, whether female or male. Please get out there and have some fun!


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