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  1. You know him better than we do, so it’s up to you to decide if it’s genuinely a bad habit rather than him disrespectfully ignoring your boundaries. I’m with the people who say immediately end the sexual encounter whenever the behavior happens. Let him know beforehand that the next time he moves or pushes you during sex, you’re going to stop. And actually follow through if he does it. You don’t have to be angry or huffy about it. Just calmly inform him about why you’re stopping, and stop. Hopefully after a few instances he’ll learn to be more mindful of your needs.

  2. Oh man! I think a lot of redditors are giving great advice on setting boundary with your partner OP. That being said you two need to have an open conversation about sexual preferences and come to a happy medium. Preferences in sex are pretty important to people hence your post. Sexual incompatibility is a thing


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